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How to Make Cooling Eucalyptus Mint Body Spray

DIY Cooling Eucalyptus Mint Body Spray!

This cooling Eucalyptus Mint Body Spray is all-natural and contains no toxic ingredients. It’s super easy to make and only contains 3 ingredients. Carry a little bottle of this homemade spray in your purse for a quick cooling spritz whenever you need a pick-me-up. And if you need another reason to try this body spray, it helps repel mosquitoes while you’re outside!

I really enjoy making my own quick and simple bath and body products from all-natural ingredients. When the summer heat strikes, this body spray is a wonderful non-toxic alternative to the chemical-laden body sprays from the store. You can make your very own bottle of this refreshing spray and save money, reduce waste, and take control of what you put on your body.

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You’ll need a re-usable misting bottle for spritzing this cooling concoction on your skin. I have a handy little spray bottle that is small enough to stick in my purse. Now that the summer is heating up, I’m carrying that baby with me everywhere!

Not only does this body spray feel refreshing on a hot day, but it helps keep mosquitoes and other insects away while I’m working outside. I find that I need to reapply if I am working up a sweat, but it’s much better for my health than using toxic bug sprays.

You may find that this spray tingles a bit and it can irritate sensitive skin. If you are concerned about this, start with fewer drops of mint and eucalyptus oil and add more if you wish. Do not use the essential oils without diluting them, especially before going out in the sun.

Cooling Eucalyptus Mint Body Spray Instructions

If you don’t care for the scent of eucalyptus, you may use just mint essential oil. I like the combination and eucalyptus has a nice cooling effect, but you may customize to your liking. You may also add other essential oils to create a refreshing blend. Try lime, lemon, rosemary, or bergamot essential oil for a new twist! Want more ideas? Check out some other suggestions. 🙂

Cooling Eucalyptus-Mint Body Spray

This cooling body spray is non-toxic and easy to make…and it really cools you down in the heat!


  • 1/4 cup witch hazel or rubbing alcohol
  • 25 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil


  • Mix all ingredients together in a small spray bottle.
  • Shake well before using. Do not spray in eyes or on sensitive areas of the body.


Tips for using essential oils:
Test a small amount of any bath or body product made with essential oils on a small area of skin for sensitivities or allergic reactions.
Do not use this product near eyes, on broken or irritated skin, or on sensitive areas of the body.
Do not use essential oils by themselves, they should always be diluted before use.
Do not use essential oils undiluted before going out into the sun as they may your burn skin.
Research the use of each essential oil thoroughly before using on children.
Do not use essential oils on pets until you have thoroughly researched the safety of each oil. Some essential oils are toxic to pets and may be consumed when the pet grooms its fur.

Making Your Own Bath and Body Products is a Great Way to Increase Sustainability

I used to order more bath and body products through a buying club. They carry all-natural products that I liked. However, those products are still packaged in a lot of plastic and I’m on a mission to reduce my plastic ‘consumption.’ Now I order the essential oils through my buying club for a better price and make my own bath and body products from scratch. I buy less packaging, customize my body care products to my liking, and I spend less on them.

If you’re like me, saving money and taking care of the environment are important goals. This cooling Eucalyptus Mint Body Spray does both! I hope you enjoy the fresh scent and cooling effect of this all-natural, homemade product.

Do you make your own bath and body products? Leave a comment!

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  1. 5 stars
    Thanks for sharing!! It is useful in hot Summer! I like to make health care product, and I’m going to try it tonight!

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  3. YES!! I love to make all of our own personal care products. Call me crazy, but I feel better knowing exactly what ingredients are in each one we use. This refreshing spray looks just the ticket!! Thanks for sharing & for hosting! This week I’ve shared #’s 25 & 26 with our wonderful salsa recipe and how to prepare for the canning chaos that is upon us, lol! Have a safe & wonderful week!

    1. Hi Suzan! Doesn’t sound crazy to me at all. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!

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