DIY Non-Toxic Air Freshener Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Non-Toxic Air Freshener Spray with Essential Oils by The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Make Your Own Non-Toxic Air Freshener Spray

You can make your own non-toxic air freshener spray with as few as 2 ingredients! It couldn’t be any easier to make and you don’t have to worry about breathing in artificial chemicals. You can customize the scent to your own preference or mood too.

If you are wondering about how the conventional air fresheners may affect your health, check out this article from How Stuff Works.

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Why I Ditched the Storebought All-Natural Air Freshener

I used to order a natural air freshener spray from Bio-Kleen and I liked using it. The scent was natural and helped get rid of the doggy smell in our house. With two big dogs around, it can get a little stinky around here.

Important Note for Your Pet’s Health!
Pets cannot tolerate many of the essential oils that we enjoy! Please do not use your homemade air freshener on or around your pets without doing some research to see which essential oils they can tolerate. Some essential oils are toxic to dogs, cats, and birds! Stay safe and do not spray this on their beds, in the air around them, or on their fur or feathers!

Things that I don’t like about purchasing that all-natural air freshener spray are the cost and the plastic spray bottle. I’m on a mission to reduce our plastic waste and the spray bottle is only partially recyclable. In addition, the part that can be recycled isn’t closed-loop recycling like glass or aluminum. So eventually, it will end up in a landfill.

Try making your own DIY Body Spray for Women or Men too!

Homemade is Better!

I decided to try making my own all-natural air freshener spray with just the ingredients I have on hand. My first attempt was just two ingredients…water and lemon essential oil. It smells great, is easy and inexpensive to make, and I’m reusing the plastic bottle instead of buying a new one!

Here’s what I did…I washed the bottle from my Biokleen air freshener, refilled it with clean water, and added about 30 drops of lemon essential oil. You can use any essential oil you like, however, I suggest using one that doesn’t have a dark color and test on old fabric to make sure it won’t stain your carpet or drapes.

Customize the Scent!

You get to decide what scent you want for your air freshener spray! Use what you have on hand or try something new. I like blending a few different scents together. Here are some combinations I like…

For a fresh citrus scent, try tangerine, orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit essential oils.

If you’d like an herbal blend, try bergamot, rosemary, oregano, eucalyptus, or frankincense.

Make a lovely autumn blend with clove bud and cinnamon. Add some balsam fir and sweet orange oil to this blend for a winter holiday scent.

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Using Your Non-Toxic Air Freshener Spray

Before you spritz this non-toxic air freshener spray, give the bottle a good shake. Because the essential oil separates from the water you may add a tablespoon of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol to each cup of water. I have also read a suggestion for adding vodka, but I haven’t tried this.

For heavy-duty air freshening, add a teaspoon of baking soda and shake well. You may also increase the essential oil up to double the amount that I used.

Doubles as Fabric Freshening Spray and Carpet Deoderizer

Not only will this blend make the air in your home smell fantastic, but you can also spritz it on fabric, carpets, and curtains to freshen up the whole house. Actually, it is safe enough to use as a body spray too!

So when the house starts to smell a bit stale, try this economical and non-toxic air freshener spray. You’ll never want to buy the chemical-laden stuff from the store again!

So far the water and essential oils seem to be doing the trick around my house, but I may add the other ingredients to see if I like that even better!

Note: Some essential oils have a color to them that could stain fabrics. Test in an inconspicuous spot before spritzing, and avoid using on white or light colors.

Even though these ingredients are non-toxic, you should still avoid breathing in the droplets of air freshener spray.

Do not use ingredients that you are allergic or sensitive to!

What natural cleaning products do you like to make? Share in the comments!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

DIY Non-Toxic Air Freshener Spray with Essential Oils by The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

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