The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Homesteading

The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Homesteading

Do you want to be self-reliant, save money, and live more sustainably? Are you worried about your family’s food security? Starting a backyard homestead is a great way to raise food, reduce waste, and provide habitat for pollinators!

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I want to help you become more self-sufficient by raising your own vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, poultry, meat and dairy, grains, and honey!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in my brand new book, The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Homesteading…

You’ll find action plans, worksheets, cost analysis examples, step-by-step instructions for raising food, how to preserve it, and even how to start a homestead-based business in your own backyard!

  • Chapter 1 – Basic Steps for Preparing Your Homestead
  • Chapter 2 – How to Manage Your Homestead
  • Chapter 3 – Vegetable and Herb Gardens
  • Chapter 4 – Fruits and Nuts
  • Chapter 5 – Grains and Livestock Feed
  • Chapter 6 – Raising Poultry
  • Chapter 7 – Raising Dairy and Meat Animals
  • Chapter 8 – Beekeeping for Beginners
  • Chapter 9 – Growing Beyond the First Season

Starting a homestead might seem overwhelming but almost anyone can take steps to grow food in their backyard, on a rooftop or balcony. In this book I’ll take you through the process one step at a time to create a customized plan for raising a garden, orchard, grains, bees and livestock. You’ll also find instructions for preserving, using, and selling your harvests!

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The Beginner's Guide to Backyard Homesteading!


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