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I love sharing free homesteading articles on my website and I hope you enjoy reading them. 👩‍🌾 I’ve also created a bunch of fun and informative resources that I sell on Lisa’s Homestead Garden Etsy shop! 🌻

Everything you’ll find there is a digital download product. You’ll need a computer (duh, Lisa) and a printer (you’ll need a color printer for some products) to create your own copies. In addition, you’ll need to have some sort of PDF reader app on your computer that will allow you to open the PDF files and print them.

You may print as many copies as you’d like but you may not distribute, share, or sell any of these products. I retain all rights to every product.

You’ll find Mason Jar Toppers for decorating the tops of your homemade preserves, herbs, and other goodies. These may be printed on 2.5″ round Avery adhesive labels or on plain paper.

There are Vintage Chicken Mason Jar Labels, Herbal Mason Jar Labels, and Vintage Fruit Preserves Mason Jar Labels.

I also have some great ebooks for sale, including my Recipes for Your Garden

Recipes for Your Garden eBook

…and How to Switch Your Garden to Organic ebook and the companion Planner & Workbook.

I hope you enjoy these and check back to see what’s going on in Lisa’s Homestead Garden Etsy Shop because I’ll be working on new products to help you create a happy, healthy homestead in the future!