The Family Garden Plan Will Help You Grow!

The Family Garden Plan Book Review

The Family Garden Plan

Melissa K. Norris has a wonderful new book hitting the bookstore shelves on January 7th, 2020… and this one is definitely worth the investment! The Family Garden Plan: Grow a Year’s Worth of Sustainable and Healthy Food has a wealth of information for anyone who wants to raise their own fruits and vegetables!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Family Garden Plan by Melissa K. Norris for free to review on my website. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.

Great Gardening Information for Everyone

Do you want to learn to garden and provide nutritious fruits and vegetables for your table? This book is chock full of helpful gardening advice, worksheets to help you plan, and tips for making your homesteading life easier.

Maybe you’re already a gardener but you always have too much of ‘this’ and not enough of ‘that’. Even if you’ve been growing your own food for decades, this new book has plenty to offer.

I have a ton of gardening books, seriously, a TON! I absolutely adore a good gardening book.

So when Melissa K. Norris of the Pioneering Today podcast put feelers out for bloggers to review her new book, I was super excited about getting a copy…hot off the press before anyone can even buy this puppy! Score!

The Family Garden Plan Planning Your Food Crops

The Family Garden Plan Gives Details!

To say that Melissa gets down to the nitty-gritty is certainly an understatement! In her chapter ‘Getting the Garden in the Ground’ She shares the list of seed starting materials that you’ll need, with details on different products. Then she guides you through the step-by-step process of growing, hardening off, and transplanting your little seedlings.

Next, she discusses direct sowing, winter sowing, and caring for those baby plants in detail. To follow up there’s a chart on Seed Starting and Planting for all of the common garden veggies. This list shares the best method for starting seeds (indoors or direct seeding), germination periods, and when to direct sow. Plus there’s a section for your notes for the first and last frost dates and when to sow your seeds.

In the chapter ‘Caring for Your Garden,’ there’s a handy recipe for creating your own organic pest spray, plus plenty of other ideas for handling disease and pests naturally. Another handy feature is the Organic Pest and Disease Chart with lists of problems and how to handle them without toxic chemicals. Weed control, composting, and a pest and disease chart for record-keeping are also important features shared.

This gives you a little taste of what kind of information to expect from this lovely book!

So not only does Melissa show you how to plan your garden for the best harvest, but she also walks you through the day-to-day care of your garden and preserving the bounty you harvest. And here’s the part I like best, she tells you how to do all of this without using any toxic chemicals!

The Family Garden Plan Seed Starting Worksheet
I love the detailed worksheets!

The Family Garden Plan Worksheets

One of the great features of this book is all the wonderful worksheets that help you plan your garden and then put your plans into action!

There are worksheets to determine your family’s food needs for a year, planning which crops to plant, evaluating your microclimates, choosing your gardening and season-extending methods, as well as calculating how much of each crop to plant.

And this is just the beginning of all those wonderful planning tools!

Not sure when to harvest? There’s a handy chart for that! Melissa includes the best methods for preserving each crop, how many pints or quarts to expect from your fresh produce, plus harvest tips.

Whew! There is so much helpful advice packed into this book that I can honestly say it is a must-read every winter while you plan for the upcoming year!

As you start planning for your spring planting, take a few days to read through The Family Garden Plan. Then fill out the worksheets to help make the most of your garden space in the coming year.

My Garden Journal

My Garden Journal

Along with all of the handy worksheets and helpful charts included in The Family Garden Plan, I received an extra… ‘My Garden Journal.’ This booklet is great for jotting down notes and records during the garden season, plus planning the layout of your garden on graph paper.

Does crop rotation sound complicated? Melissa gives details in The Family Garden Plan on why and how to rotate your crops and the garden journal gives you space to draw out your garden plan so that next year you’ll know where to plant. This helps reduce the chances of pests and diseases for a better harvest without applying toxic chemicals!

The Family Garden Plant - Perennials

The Family Garden Plan Guides You

The Family Garden Plan is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way through your garden experience!

This delightful gardening book is written for everyday people, no matter what their gardening skill level is. Melissa shares down-to-earth advice on topics such as soil testing and amendments, container and raised bed gardening, watering, crop rotation, determining your growing season and microclimates, and much much more.

There are lovely photos, helpful diagrams, in-depth advice, and plenty of friendly encouragement from Melissa in each chapter. You’ll feel like a friend or neighbor has taken time to share a lifetime of gardening and growing knowledge to help you make the most of your food plot.

Go to Melissa’s site and …Order your copy of The Family Garden Plan in advance to claim over $96 worth of bonuses!

I’ve tried the ‘seat of my pants’ method of gardening in the past, and I have to say that having a dedicated plan for harvesting an abundance of food from your land is so much better.

But it can be confusing to determine how much to plant, which varieties to choose, and how to preserve your harvest. Let Melissa share her experience and knowledge with you!

Visit Melissa K. Norris!

I hope you have found this review of The Garden Plan: Grow a Year’s Worth of Sustainable and Healthy Food by Melissa K. Norris helpful! Leave a comment and tell me what you think?

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The Family Garden Plan Book Review by The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

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