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Garden Journal Freebie – Seed Inventory Log

Gardeners Journal Page to record Seed Inventory Log

Printable Gardener’s Journal Page – Seed Inventory Log

Grab this lovely Seed Inventory Log Freebie for keeping track of the seeds you purchase or save from your garden each year. This worksheet is one of a series of Garden Journal Pages I’ve created and shared for anyone to download. You can even print just one page from this post. I hope you enjoy using these gardening freebies as much as I do!

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How to Use this Free Seed Inventory Log

This Seed Inventory Log is a great way to keep track of the seeds you’ve purchased or saved to plant in your garden. Once you’ve filled it out, it’s easy to see what seeds you have on hand so you don’t order more. This inventory sheet saves me so much money by preventing me from over-purchasing.

To use this sheet:

  • Record the crop (ie. ‘Green Beans’) and variety (ie. ‘Dragon Tongue’) in the first column
  • Jot down the number of seeds in the packet in the second column
  • List the average storage life of the crop in the third column
  • Record the source of purchased seeds in the fourth column
  • Use the last column for recording notes, such as susceptibility to disease or harvest tallies.

Each year, be sure to go back through and jot down any notes about the varieties you grew, and save this sheet in a three-ring binder. Keeping these notes may remind you that a particular variety grew well or didn’t produce early enough, etc.

Fill out a new inventory sheet each year for your new seeds and move the old sheet to last year’s folder. For seed packets that aren’t used up the first year, record the year purchased in the section for notes on the new inventory sheet. This helps remind you to use up older packets!

Grab Your Free Worksheet!

You can download this Seed Inventory Worksheet to save or you can just print out a copy and come back later if you need more. Here’s your free garden journal page…

Stay Organized with Gardener’s Journal & Planner Pages

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