Garden Layout Planner Page Freebie

Garden Layout Planner Page with grid format for planning garden beds.

Free Garden Layout Planner Page

Are you trying to plan your garden layout but you don’t have any graph paper? If you don’t want to buy graph paper to plan your garden once a year, this Garden Layout Planner page comes in handy! Just download the pdf to your computer and print out as many copies as you need.

This free Garden Layout Planner page has space to jot down the year, the location of the garden (in case you have more than one space or you have several raised beds, etc), and the amount of space each square represents in your actual garden (1 square = 1 square foot, for example). I’ve also included a reminder to label which direction north is on your plan to help you plan shorter, sun-loving crops to the south of tall crops to prevent shading them.

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How to Use this Garden Layout Planner Page

Once you determine what crops you wish to grow, you’ll want to plan their layout to allow the proper space and conditions for each plant. Check the seed packet for the ideal growing conditions and amount of space that each plant needs to help plan your garden layout. Use this information to fill in the beds of a square-foot garden or to plan rows in a traditional garden layout.

Once you have your final plans ready, you can draw on your layout page and add the crops, varieties, and notes about their needs. If you make a mistake, just print out another page and start over.

Great for Planning a Square Foot Garden

Some large plants, like pumpkins and squash, may take up 10 to 20 square feet. Other plants are small and may only need a few inches of space. You may grow nine or more carrots in one square foot, so be sure to plan according to the mature size of each plant. If you wish to plant intensively, I highly recommend

Garden Layout Planner Page with grid for planning garden, has a light, decorative background image of a lady gardener
This second version of my planner page has a light background image of a lady gardener.

Don’t Throw Away Your Garden Layout Planner Page After You’ve Planted!

Keep your completed Garden Layout Planner Page in your garden journal. This helps you plan crop rotation, track the varieties planted, and keep notes about how plants grew in different parts of your garden. Just use a three ring binder – unbreakable” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>three-ring binder (ad#) for easy access.

Try organizing your garden journal with tabs to separate each year to make it easier to find things each year. Add some of my other Free Garden Journal and Planner Pages that are helpful for keeping notes, starting seeds in the spring, and organizing your garden chores each season.

If there is a journal page that you’d love to have, drop me a line or leave a comment. I love to hear from my readers and I’m always on the lookout for new freebies to create!

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Recipes for Your Garden eBook

Hey Gardeners! Check out my helpful ebook, Recipes for Your Garden on Etsy! This handy ebook can be downloaded and printed for easy use. Just cut out the recipes and use them as labels on spray bottles or put them in a recipe holder, or store the pages of your ebook in a three-ring binder to use over and over. Print the recipes as many times as you like!

You can also read more about this digital gardening resource in my post How to Make Natural Gardening Supplies.

Pssst… want to grab a free sample recipe card from this ebook? Check out my post on How to Make Natural Pest Traps for Your Garden!



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