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Autumn Harvest Tracker and Canning Freebies

Free Printable Autumn Harvest Tracker & Canning Jar Labels

Harvest time can be chaotic, and it’s easy to forget to take notes and record harvest totals. It’s also beneficial to have those records when you start planning your garden for the upcoming year! I created a Harvest Tracker sheet to download and print as a handy way to jot down the varieties you planted, the growing conditions, and harvest totals, and make notes about how well a variety performed. As a special bonus, I’ve also created a fun printable template for decorating your home-canned garden goodies!

I enjoy decorating my home-canned goodies from the garden but I hate spending a lot of money on fancy labels. When I want to share jars of jam, applesauce, and other yummy treats with friends I like to dress them up with a pretty vintage image or label. So I started creating my own tags, labels, and recipe cards to gussy-up those goodies and to share with my readers!

Whether you want to add a decorative topper to homemade jams and jellies or share other gift items in regular-mouth canning jars, these labels are easy to download, print, cut out, and apply to the top of your jars.

Make sure you print these labels in portrait format (NOT landscape) or the printer will cut off part of the labels. Cut the labels out along the circular borders and place them on the top of your regular mouth canning jars before putting the screw bands on.

Vintage Autumn Canning Labels to Decorate Gifts!

These vintage autumn canning labels are free to download and print as many times as you like. Just click on the download button (above) then print the pdf file in black and white. This is an easy and attractive way to create labels and gift tags. You can also cut these labels out, use a hole-punch to create a hole for threading a ribbon through the label, then tie it around a bottle or gift bag handle, or just tape the label to a pretty package and add the recipient’s name.

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Harvest Tracker Sheet – Free To Download & Print

As you plan your garden for next year, you’ll want to know how well your garden did last year. This helps you choose the best varieties of vegetables to grow in the future. If one variety produced a great harvest, write it down so you can remember what it was.

The same thing goes for varieties that don’t thrive or pump out a great harvest. Having notes about the under-performers allows you to choose better varieties for next year. You can also take notes about the weather, fertilizer applications, and other growing conditions. This helps gardeners track what worked well in the past and what needs improvement going forward.

Remember to print this tracking sheet in portrait and use the best print quality for the nicest copies.

I hope these Harvest Freebies come in handy for you, too!

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