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Vintage Chicken Decor and Gift Ideas!

vintage chickens are fun gifts!

Vintage Chicken Decor and Gift Ideas Are Fun!

Anyone who loves chickens will enjoy getting fun gifts with photos or artwork of cute and plucky poultry! I’ve received plenty of nice gifts over the years from friends and family that are much appreciated. If you are a chicken keeper or you know someone who loves chickens, keep reading for some great vintage chicken gift ideas… some of them are even DIY!

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I love looking at vintage chicken artwork, catalogs, and historical photos. It reminds me of my grandparents’ farm where my dad grew up. There were a lot of antique farm implements, chicken coops, and rusty treasures to investigate around the old farm.

My grandmother raised hens for eggs and meat and my dad remembers his mom’s chickens as a kid.

I remember a lot of retro calendars, photos, and seed catalogs with chickens, gardens, and other farm images in my grandparents’ home.

I still get a kick out of these retro chickens!

Fun Vintage Chicken Gifts and Decor for Chicken Lovers!

I’m not the only one who enjoys these cool old chickens. People all over love vintage and retro chicken gift items like dinnerware, mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags! You don’t have to be a chicken keeper to like old farm stuff! It’s also fun to decorate your home with vintage chicken tin signs, throws, and pillows. If you are handy with cross stitching, embroidery, sewing, woodworking, painting, or other crafts, why not try your hand at making gifts from scratch? Here are some chicken-related patterns, DIY projects, and crafty books that might spark your imagination!

Try making a fleece throw with some cool vintage chicken fleece fabric!

Maybe you’re looking for some inexpensive ways to add a few vintage chickens to homemade gifts and decor. I’ve got a freebie for you to try out!

Download a new Vintage Chicken Freebie!

I’m sharing a new collection of chicken graphics that you can use to add some vintage flair to anything you like! This is a combination of color and black-and-white images that you can download and keep or just print off once for your own use.

Here’s another freebie from my website…

bunny and chicken label template
Print out my vintage chicken and bunny labels to decorate jars or use as gift tags!

Vintage Chicken Crafts to Make For (Almost) Free!

If you have a printer for your computer you may download and print out my vintage chicken and bunny labels to use in a variety of crafts. Try printing them and cutting out the labels to fit the top of a regular mouth mason jar. This is a great way to decorate a gift, or your chicken journal, or use it as decor in your own home. If you like these labels you might want to check out my vintage chicken labels on Etsy!

Just print out the sheet of labels and cut around the circle templates. Add any labels, such as ‘To’ and ‘From’, or the contents of the jar, then use them to decorate! Here are some ideas:

  • Label a mason jar of cookie mix, birdseed, or chicken treats for a gift
  • Decorate homemade calendars, journals, chicken-keeping records, cards, and letters
  • Use Modge Podge to apply chicken images to wood crafts, furniture, or wall hangings
  • Cut around the image, apply the front of the paper to packing tape, and trim to size for a homemade sticker
  • Make a clear chicken label with a laserjet printer and the instructions in the video, below

Create a Backyard Chicken Journal for your flock!

If you have a well-stocked craft room you can take your vintage chicken gift-giving and decor creation to the next level and make a wide variety of items. I have friends who make t-shirts and totes at home with images like these. If you have a scroll saw, you could create a vintage chicken weather vane or sign for your front hallway!

Do you love vintage and retro chicken arts, crafts, decor, and clothing? What is your favorite?

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