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Save Money with Free Botanical Gift Tags

Detail of Herbal Gift Jar Toppers

Get Your Free Herbal & Botanical Gift Tags!

I like creating my own gift tags and jar toppers for giving handmade gifts for birthdays and the Holidays. It helps me save money, reduce waste, and dress up gifts for my family and friends. Plus, it’s fun to share these fun creations with my readers! These Herbal Gift Jar Toppers and Botanical Gift Tags are unique and lovely (if I do say so myself), plus they are easy to download, print, and cut out… you can even color in the leaves and flowers if you like.

Use them to decorate a jar of homegrown herbs, seasoning mixes, preserves, or bath & body products, and give a lovely present to your loved ones!

Eco-Friendly Tip: Make these even more environmentally friendly by printing them on recycled paper.

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Pretty Botanical Gift Tags to Print!

These botanical gift tags are easy to print, cut out, punch a hole, and decorate any gift. The light grey background makes it simple to cut out the tags and use a hole punch for threading a bit of twine or ribbon through the hole. Just tie around a jar, bottle, or gift bag handle and you’ve added a lovely touch to any gift!

Use these to decorate gifts for birthdays, Holidays, or any occasion. Any gardener would love to receive a gift basket of seeds, tools, and gloves with a pretty tag like this!

Lovely Herbal Jar Toppers to Print!

This sheet of herbal jar toppers is perfect for printing, cutting out, and using to decorate the lid of any regular size mason jar lid. Just cut around the circle and you’ve got the perfect size label for a jar of home-dried herbs, jams, jellies, relish, or other preserves. They are also lovely for decorating jars of handmade salves, balms, bath salts, or packages of wildflower seeds!

I’ve created a variety of designs so you can choose the ones you like best and save the others for later.

How to Use These Free Printable Tags & Jar Toppers

If you’ve never downloaded and printed free tags like these, I’ve got good news… it’s super easy!

Just click on the ‘Download’ button for the sheet of printable tags you wish to print out. This will save the file to your computer… most likely it will be stored in your ‘Download’ folder.

Go to the file and open it, then click on the printer icon. Choose the quality of the print (I recommend the highest quality)and make sure the ‘portrait’ setting is selected. Make sure you have paper in your printer and click on print.

Decorating Tip: Use colored pencils to add color to these black and white prints. You can add your own personal touch by choosing colors for the recipient or for the season!

Do you make your own gifts for friends and family? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these labels!

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6 Comments on “Save Money with Free Botanical Gift Tags

  1. I really love these labels. I appreciate their simplicity. I could really see myself using these for gifts and for jar labels. I live using mason jars for storage, and these would really make them look elegant.

    Thanks for sharing them at the Homestead Blog Hop!
    Happy New Year!

  2. This is what I featured the week of 11-23 to 11-27-2020 on my blog. On Tuesday were Apple Corn Muffins. Wednesday was Applesauce Fruit Cake. Thursday was Andes Mint Christmas Bark. Winding up the week was No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust. Enjoy!

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