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Incubator Review Update

I upgraded my old incubator with an Incukit Proportional Thermostat!

Read my Hova Bator 1602N Review.

Incubator Review

I recently received a Hova Bator 1602N to review for Incubator Warehouse. I loaded the incubator with 26 chicken eggs gathered during a very cold February. The incubator worked perfectly and kept the temperature even for the eggs at the sides. The thing I think is most important when using an incubator with an air circulation fan – check the humidity tray every day during the hatch!

Circulated Air Fan Kit - keeps the temps in your incubator even.
Circulated Air Fan Kit – keeps the temps in your incubator even. Be sure to check the humidity trays every day with the fan on.

This was my first time using an incubator with a fan and I wasn’t prepared for how quickly the water evaporated and the trays needed to be filled again. In fact, I inadvertently allowed the eggs to dry out several times. So I can say with certainty that anyone new to this system needs to be particularly careful to check those humidity trays regularly.

Due to my inexperience, and a high number of eggs that had been chilled or not fertilized, my hatch rate wasn’t as good as I’d like. These are all due to user error. So I’m looking forward to better results as I’ve learned to pay closer attention to the humidity levels.

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