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Bringing Home Goats

I’ve wanted goats forever…ok, for several years anyway. But it just seemed like they would need a lot of space and hubby wasn’t too keen on having goats on our one acre property (understatement of the year!). However, I’ve had quite a few goat people tell me that 1 acre is enough for a couple of goats and we haven’t had much excitement around here lately. So why not stir up the pot, annoy the hubs, and get myself into trouble? Sounds like a plan!

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Mama and buckling.
Mama and buckling.

Lisa to the Rescue!

I have this unfortunate habit of reading the farm and garden section of our local Craigslist ads whenever I’m not reading, writing, or ‘ranching.’ So when an ad came up last week for ‘Dairy Goats – Just Freshened: Will go to processor if not sold,’ my silly homesteading heart skipped a beat. Goats? Giving milk? Going to slaughter? Arrrgh! No!

I want dairy goats for milk. I’ve been buying raw cow milk from a local farmer when it is available. But it isn’t always available. And the closest local source is an hour drive from us. Wouldn’t it be great to have my own goats for milk? And how can you get any more local than my own ‘barn?’

Well, it's better than the slaughterhouse!
Well, it’s better than the slaughterhouse!

I contacted the seller and found out that there was no way I could take all his dairy goats in…there were 28 available. I have room for 2 (maybe I could fit a third, but we won’t go there). I set up a time to go see the goats the same day or they were going on the trailer to the processor.

That afternoon I came home with two dairy does and their two bucklings in the back of my SUV. Let me tell you…you get some pretty funny looks when you’re driving down the road with goats in the back of your car! Dennis, the goat seller, shared lots of info about keeping goats. It was hard to absorb it all and I know I have a ton of stuff to learn.


I brought my mini-herd home and gave them water, a little handful of feed I had on hand, petted them, tried to reassure them that all was well, and headed off to the feed store. I came home with alfalfa cubes, shredded beet pulp, a brush, hoof trimmer, straw, and worm medicine.

I’m a total newbie when it comes to goats. We didn’t have any when I was a kid on the ‘farm’ and I’ve only read bits and pieces about them…nothing in depth because I didn’t expect to bring goats home this week. There is so much to learn and I’ll be sharing my experience with you as I go!

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