Getting Ready for Spring!

Winter’s on the Way Out!

Well, for some folks spring weather is already warming your faces and gardens. Spring bulbs are blooming and you’re out working in the garden. For northern Illinois, where I live, these are all daydreams and wishful thinking! But today is March 1st and we only have 20 days left until the first day of spring…woot! As a teaser, the weather channel is calling for some thawing temps this coming week. I am so ready!

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Gearing up for Gardening!

Of course, I won’t be out in the garden for awhile. But I am getting ready to start my seedlings indoors soon. My seed orders have all been received, organized, and sorted according to planting times. I have some new perennial fruits for my homestead coming this spring, including ever bearing strawberries, a new variety of raspberry, bush cherries and Manchurian apricots. All of the varieties I chose can be propagated to bring with us when we eventually move to a new homestead. It helped me to justify the expense. ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring Chicks ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a clutch of eggs in the incubator as I write. These are fertile eggs from my mixed breed flock. They are bound for Trogg’s Hollow Farm down the road from me. Marcy and Trogg run an all natural CSA and their menagerie of farm animals keeps growing. I’m not helping much by hatching chicks for them!

I have some exciting things planned for the next couple of weeks and you can be a part of it! Stop by tomorrow for a new giveaway sponsored by my blogging buddy Janet from Timber Creek Farm! Shhh, I can’t tell you what she is giving away yet, but if you have chicks coming this spring you will love this giveaway! Check back on Monday to find out what’s up!

Don't let your little plants stay wet!
Baby basil.



And So Much More…

I have so much that I’ll need to do when the weather warms up. The garden needs to be cleaned up and tilled. I’d like to plant spinach and kale in my little greenhouse in a few weeks. There are some older laying hens that need to be culled when I get a day that is reasonably warm. I’m not above butchering in subzero temps, but I’d really rather not! Before I know it the homestead will be in full spring work mode and I’m so looking forward to it.

What’s the weather like where you are? Are you gardening yet? Or are you still in the grips of winter?


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