Vintage Thanksgiving Gift Tags & Cards – Free Printables!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags and Cards
Gift tag on a jar of homemade applesauce and ‘Turkeys with Elegant Border’ Card.

Free ‘Vintage’ Thanksgiving Gift Tags

I created these free Thanksgiving Gift Tags for anyone to download and print! The holiday season is gearing up and I know how expensive it can get to decorate your home and put on a big Thanksgiving feast.

So I wanted to share some helpful Thanksgiving freebies. It’s one way that I can show how much I appreciate you! Please use printer paper that is recycled or sustainably produced if possible…show our planet you care. 🙂

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags and Cards
I had fun creating these Vintage Look Thanksgiving tags for your holiday preps.

Thanksgiving Gift Tags to Dress Up Jam

I’m getting ready to do a lot of visiting with friends and family for Thanksgiving. This year I’ve got some homemade apple jam to give as gifts.

The recipe, canning instructions, and a free printable page of Apple Jam Gift Tags are ready for you in my post, Apple Jam Canning Recipe with Free Printable Gift Tags! If you need an idea for a tasty gift from your homestead, be sure to check out my post. 🙂

Feel free to hop on over to my post, Apple Jam Canning Recipe with Printable Gift Tags for another freebie!

Since not everyone will have the time to make their own apple jam, I thought a sheet of printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags was in order!

You can use the gift tags to decorate a bottle of wine, homemade jam, a gift basket, or any other Thanksgiving gift. The cards may be mailed to loved ones or attached to larger gifts.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags
Detail of the Vintage Tags in Black and White…these are the tags I printed out and used in the images in this post.

How to Make Gift Tags

  • Check out the images below of my free printables.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button for the image you wish to print out.
  • Your computer will save the PDF file, probably to your ‘download’ folder.
  • Go to the file, open it, and click on the printer icon.
  • Double-check to make sure you are using the best quality print option and you have the proper paper in the printer.
  • Print out as many copies as you’d like!
  • You may keep the downloaded file on your computer for future use.
  • For the gift tags, you will need to cut them out and use a punch to put a hole in for your ribbon, twine or yarn. Then use the tags to decorate your gifts!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags
These Thanksgiving Gift Tags have the shape of a tag outlined for a more custom look. Images are in black and brown tones.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags
These Black and White Vintage Tags give you another option for printing! These do not have the ‘tag’ shape outlines and are also good for taping to gifts instead of punching a hole and attaching with ribbon.
Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags

Greeting Cards – a Special Note!

The images of the downloads below don’t show the outline of the entire sheet of paper. So you see what looks like an off-center image. There is actually a blank side for the back of the card, or for the side opposite the inside message.

You will need to print the sheet of paper out for one side, then turn the sheet around and place it back in the paper hopper of your printer. Now run the sheet of paper through with the message on the other side. (I suggest doing a practice run to make sure you know how to place the paper in the printer for the second run through.)

Use one of my Thanksgiving messages for the inside of your card, or write your own message. Practice printing on a sheet of plain paper first.

I suggest using a thicker sheet of paper or card stock, perhaps in ivory. A thin sheet of paper will most likely show the image on the other side.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags and Cards
For this Thanksgiving card, I printed the image, cut it out, and affixed it to ivory colored card stock.

You may also print the image out on one color of paper, cut it down and attach it to the front of card stock in another color to create a more custom look. Feel free to write your own message on the inside if you would prefer.

You may also use colored pencils to add some pizzazz to your printed cards!

Turkeys with Elegant Border Card Image
Turkeys with an Elegant Border Card – Free to Download and Print!
Cornucopia Card Image
Cornucopia Card – Free to Download and Print!
Turkey in the Farmyard Card Image
Turkey in the Farmyard Card – Free to Download and Print!

Thanksgiving Messages for Your Cards…

Be sure to choose a message for a greeting card that opens the same way as the image for the front of the card!

I'm so Thankful for You Greeting Card Message
Message for a card that opens from the bottom…such as Turkey in the farmyard or the Cornucopia.
Wishing You a Bountiful Thanksgiving Greeting Card Message
Message for a card that opens from the bottom…such as Turkey in the farmyard or the Cornucopia.
Old Fashioned Pleasures Greeting Card Message
Message for a card that opens on the right-hand side…use with the Turkeys with Elegant Border image.

Create Your Own Thanksgiving Cards from Scratch!

If you would like to create your own cards, you can do what I did! Check out a free online program such as Canva for making the images and messages according to your tastes.

The site you choose may have some images available for free, but you can find more images by doing some searching online. Check out The Graphics Fairy for free images.

Watch for More Free Printables!

I enjoy making these free printable downloads and there are more of them in the works! Keep your eyes peeled for more holiday printables and tags for my homemade jams and goodies.

Free Thanksgiving Place Card Printables from my friend Carol

Check out my blogging friend Carol’s Free Thanksgiving Place Card Printables! She has 2 super cute designs that are great for dressing up your table!

Bookmark my website to watch for more freebies, or sign up for my newsletter to get a notice when there are new printables available!

Did you find these free printables helpful? Leave a comment!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags and Cards by The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

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