Do You Want to Keep Ducks?

Do You Want to Keep Ducks?

Do you want ducks for their eggs or meat? Raising ducks is a fun project! I love having duck eggs to use in baked goods and the meat is delicious. Ducks are entertaining to watch as they waddle around the barnyard and play in puddles. They like to mess around in their water dish and get their bedding pretty wet. That’s the one downside to keeping ducks.

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I Want to Keep Ducklings Again!

I’ve had several breeds of ducks over the years and really enjoyed keeping them. However, these days I have to get my duck fix vicariously through my friends over at Trogg’s Hollow Farm. I farm sat for a day and had a lot of fun watching the little Pekin and Rouen ducklings play in the water and waddle around. But it was also a reminder of why I decided not to order ducklings this year.

ducks and duck eggs

I was tempted, mind you! My chick order comes this week and I kept thinking about adding a few Pekins to the list. However, my decision to keep things simple prevailed. This summer we will be gone on several trips and I already feel bad asking friends to take care of the chickens and pets while we’re away. So ducklings are on the ‘wish list’ for another year. Someday I will have them again!

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You Can Benefit from My Past Experience…

In the meantime, I have some articles that may be helpful for homesteaders with ducks, or those of you thinking about them! These posts range from how to use the eggs to raising them for meat.

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I hope you find these articles helpful!

Do you have ducks? What are your favorite breeds? Do you keep them for meat or eggs? Leave a comment!

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Do You Want to Keep Ducks?

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