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Heirloom Tomato Varieties for Your Garden

Pink Oxheart tomatoes are meaty and delicious!

Heirloom Tomatoes Worth Growing This Year!

Tomatoes are a favorite veggie in home gardens, and for good reason! They are nutritious, versatile, and they taste soooooo much better picked and eaten fresh than they do from the store. It can be difficult to choose from the myriad of varieties available these days…from hybrids to heirlooms, determinate or indeterminate, disease resistant, early ripening, beefsteak, cherry, saladette…are you confused yet?

Trucker’s Favorite is not a huge beefsteak variety, but it is reliable and tasty!

Well, I can’t claim that this will help you narrow down your choices, but perhaps reading my reviews will give you some ideas! Here are the heirloom tomatoes that I’ve grown in recent years and had very good luck with.

Trucker’s Favorite Tomato

Tigerella Tomato

Pink Oxheart Tomato

Tigerella tomatoes are prolific and pretty. They are also a great size for salads.

Other varieties that I have tried and would recommend include: Moonglow, Riesentraube, and Amish Paste. I plan to provide more reviews in the future, but for now I hope that this helps you choose some delicious varieties for your home garden this year!