Frugal Milk, Cheese & Yogurt

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Reduced Price Milk for Cheese and Yogurt Making

I started buying milk from the store after I sold our goats and I really miss the abundance of milk. I loved making our own cheese and yogurt! I’ve found that it’s still less expensive to make yogurt and ‘easy’ cheese instead of buying it, even when I have to buy the milk. I also like having control over the ingredients in my dairy products. So I try to make these yummy dairy products at home when I have time.

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Saving Money on Milk

Our grocery store reduces the price of milk (and other dairy products) when it has just a few days left before it expires. I don’t always find deals like this, but when I do, I buy as much reduced milk as I think I can reasonably use. This past week I bought 2 gallons of reduced price skim milk, although I prefer whole. I made two batches of yogurt, a batch of queso fresco, and then pasteurized the rest to keep it a little bit longer.

I make sure to heat the ‘quick sale’ milk to 180 F to kill any bacteria before using it in my homemade dairy goodies. If you pasteurize the milk and chill it quickly, you can usually keep it for several days longer than the expiration date. You can also use the milk to make cottage cheese if it goes sour. Read my article How to Make Cottage Cheese from Sour Milk for instructions.

You can use these tips for using up milk that is about to pass the expiration date if you haven’t used it up in time!

*Our grocery store has more space dedicated to single serving containers of yogurt than they do for milk! (Even with the various kinds of soy, almond, coconut, lactose free, organic, and other specialty milks.) I never buy these small containers because they are much more expensive per serving than buying a 32oz tub. So if you don’t have time to make your own yogurt, buy the larger tubs and divide it up into small glass or plastic containers to pack in your lunches. Add a little jam, honey, or granola for flavor! 

Do you buy ‘reduced for quick sale’ milk? How do you use it? Leave a comment!

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