Gone Feral:Tracking My Dad Through the Wild by Novella Carpenter

Gone Feral:Tracking My Dad Through the Wild

by Novella Carpenter

Novella Carpenter shares a rocky tale of the complicated relationship between a daughter and her estranged father. He embodies the wild character of an adventurer and mountain man in the eyes of her younger self, a character that she romanticizes in her to desire to reconnect with his wild spirit.

Novella learns of her father’s disappearance one day and goes on a quest to find the man she idealizes and, in some ways, resents. The following tale recounts the resurfacing of old wounds and the development of new problems in a world that oscillates between her urban homestead and the wilds of Idaho. As Novella seeks to know her absentee father, she is faced with the realization that his untamed nature lives on within her and her sister.

An easy and fascinating read, this book by Novella Carpenter recounts the tale of a father daughter relationship that is complicated, uneasy, and permeated by the concerns of a modern world imposing itself upon a wild and troubled spirit. Although most women are unlikely to have a father as eccentric and erratic as George Carpenter, they are likely to find parallels within their own relationships.

Novella Carpenter

Disclaimer: I was offered a free copy of Gone Feral: Tracking My Dad Through the Wild in return for sharing this book review with my readers.



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