Spring on Our Homestead

Mixture of wild and garden greens for our dinner salad.

Mixture of wild and garden greens for our dinner salad.

Life is Good

Spring is probably my favorite season on the homestead. The world is beginning to green up. My garden is full of ‘weed free’ potential. Wild edibles are springing to life. The chickens, turkeys, and ducks are spending their days outside, searching for bugs and munching on grass. The egg yolks turn from lemon yellow to deep gold. Flowers and buds unfurl, welcoming the warmer days and sunshine. Life is good!

Life is Busy

With all of the activity on our homestead in spring, I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. The garden needs quite a bit of work. I tilled most of it over the weekend and planted 4 varieties of potato – Yukon Gold, Red LaSoda, Idaho Russet, and Superior. I planted red, yellow, and white storage onion sets. I don’t think I’ll get any onion seeds in this year, but that’s ok. Shelling peas are in the ground as well as two varieties of beets and carrots, parsnips, and salsify. I have lettuce, spinach, and kale planted and some has sprouted.

Building a salad :)

Building a salad 🙂

The seedlings in my basement are doing great. The broccoli and Brussels sprouts can go outside on nice days now that it has warmed up. The peppers are taking a long time to germinate…as usual. But it always concerns me. What if I don’t have enough peppers? Egads, that would be tragic!

The incubator is humming away in the basement with turkey eggs due to hatch this weekend. I candled them and found at least one embryo alive and moving. I suspected that this hatch would not be 100% because so many of the eggs were chilled before I could collect them. I wasn’t surprised to find that at least 5 of the eggs have no embryos developing. So another 13 turkey eggs went into my second incubator along with some chicken eggs from a friend’s flock, just for new genetics and not at all because I need more chickens. 😉

My garden catalog order arrived while the ground was frozen solid. Two fruit trees, twenty-five strawberries,  and a raspberry were ‘heeled in’ a box of damp potting soil in the garage until the weather warmed the soil enough to plant them. There was a Carmine Jewel bush cherry that was already fully leafed out and I’m keeping it in the house until I’m sure that the nights aren’t too cold for it. Hopefully I can plant this little beauty outside soon.

My friend Jeanine is visiting from Montana for a few weeks, which is super awesome. Her husband is arriving next week to see their brand new grand baby. She’s super cute and I might even get to hold her soon!

Life is good…and very busy! What is happening on your homestead this spring?



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