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Tigerella Tomatoes

Tigerella – Heirloom Salad Tomatoes

Do you have one of those ‘tried and true’ tomato varieties that you plant every year? I’ve tried a lot of different tomatoes over the years, with varying degrees of success (and failure!). The large beefsteak types never seem to do well for me.

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There are a number of varieties that prosper in my garden, despite the tough conditions they face. This year the Pink Oxheart Tomatoes have done really well. The Roma tomatoes are doing fairly well, although some have been plagued by blossom end rot.

But the tomatoes that have done the best in my garden, year in and year out, are the Tigerella Tomatoes! (#ad)

Tigerella tomatoes

Little Gems in the Garden

These bite sized beauties are one of my go-to varieties that I plant every year. They aren’t great for making sauce, because they are so juicy. But the flavor is great and I love to toss them in salads or eat like over sized cherry tomatoes. They also look great in food, with their little stripes and orange and red color.

Happy to Volunteer!

I usually plant only one or two Tigerella tomatoes, because we can’t eat all of the fruit if I plant more. This year I only planted one, but they came up in my compost pile too, happy to serve up some early tomatoes when I was beginning to wonder if the planted varieties would ever ripen. Most of the first round of tomato plants were destroyed by cutworms this spring and I replanted with some really nice starts from my neighbors down at Trogg’s Hollow. They had some Mortgage Lifter and Roma plants that have done very well for me, despite their late planting.

Needless to say, these little Tigerellas will always have a spot in my garden! If you like a smallish salad type tomato with a big burst of flavor, you’ll like them too. 🙂

What is your favorite variety of salad tomato?

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