Winter Homesteading Tasks

I sat down over the weekend and made a list of tasks I need to complete in January and February around our homestead. It almost seems too late to be including January, but I want to get started on this list asap, so here it goes!

  • sort leftover seeds and make a list of what I still need, and order before the stock runs out.
  • Plan the layout of spring garden and make notes in the calendar for planting dates.
  • clean up seed starting area.
  • butcher old hens that are no longer laying well enough to keep around. This will probably be around 20 hens. Freeze or pressure can any chickens we can’t use up immediately.
  • order more straw for chicken coop and garden.
  • Start search for new rooster.
  • learn to make cheese from raw milk (from a local farmer).
  • make butter with extra cream and freeze.
  • do some baking…I’ve been neglecting this lately.
  • Make a large batch of muffin mix to keep on hand.
  • set up straw bale cold frames for early greens.
  • Prune fruit trees and berry bushes.
  • Use, freeze, or pressure can remaining potatoes and squash before they go bad.

I’m sure there is more I should add to this list. The list for March should be started soon too so I can get a head start if possible.

Some Updates from our Homestead:

I’ve been getting more eggs each day from my young hens and pullets. Today I collected 20 eggs, the best haul since November. Unfortunately, my rooster, Del, has been sick and today he was worse. I realized that he wouldn’t recover so I put him down. This leaves us without a rooster again. I’ll start looking for free roosters on Craigslist. It would be nice to try hatching out our own eggs again, in the hopes of raising a hardier strain of chickens that will survive the diseases that have infected my flock. I have also noticed one of the new hens limping, so I’m pretty sure she has Mareck’s disease and will have to be put down too.

Oscar, our orange tiger, has not returned. He has been missing since December 17th. I don’t think we will be having a little kitty miracle happening with his safe return. With all the coyotes around here, it seems likely that he was eaten. Life can be pretty rough on a homestead.

Kit Kat, the rescue kitty, is on my poop list. She has been peeing in the shower and on our carpet. She is now banished to an unfinished room in the basement with 3 (yes, 3) litter boxes, and daily outdoor forays. Tomorrow I am taking her to the vet’s office to discuss possible solutions.

Tom and Joe go back to college tomorrow. It will be pretty quiet around here during the weekdays. I will miss having them home.

What tasks need to be accomplished on your homestead?



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