Yes, We Have No Chickens

Chicken Free Homestead?

I recently updated the blogosphere with my not-so-self-sufficient homesteading news…I am having hip replacement surgery in December. In preparation for the surgery, and also because I’m having trouble getting around, I needed to downsize on my homesteading activities for a while.

So, for the first time since 2010, I have no poultry on the property. All of my chickens, ducks, and turkeys have been eaten, sold, or re-homed. The last of the flock went to live with my friends Momma Marcy and Farmer Trogg over at Trogg’s Hollow Farm. They are doing fine and, hopefully, they are producing some eggs for their new family.

It has definitely taken some getting used to. I’m finally getting over the feeling that I’m forgetting to let the chickens out in the morning or put them away at night. But it is still strange not to hear the hens clucking as they scratch around for bugs in the backyard. It seems weird to recycle the farm supply ads instead of scanning for sales on chicken feed and related products. (I still catch myself looking at the ads!)

Is This The End Of My Homesteading Days?

I sure hope not! I haven’t completely given up on keeping chickens, gardening, and preserving the harvest. We recently ate the last meat chicken from our freezer and I plan to use the canned chicken in our canning cupboard for soup this winter. Our frozen veggie supply is down to tomatoes mixed with summer squash. We have quite a few canned veggies too…more soup! But we will likely use up most of our stored food over the winter. At the very least, I would like to raise some meat birds and plant a nice garden next summer. I start to worry when the food stores are depleted!

Without poultry and a garden to keep me busy, I’ve had time to think about my self sufficiency goals and plans. I’m not that old and I didn’t expect to take a break from homesteading this winter, but I need to take care of my health while we have insurance and I am healthy enough to recover.

So the chicken keeping activities have been curtailed for a few months. Maybe this will give me more time to write!?!


Have you ever had to give up your chickens or garden due to health reasons? Do you have any suggestions for people with mobility issues who would like to homestead? I always enjoy reading your comments and suggestions!

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