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Italian Wild Risotto with Chicken – Photo courtesy of Valley Food Storage

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Food Storage That Tastes Great & Gives You Peace Of Mind

Keeping a shelf stable food supply on hand is a good practice and gives you peace of mind in the event of an emergency situation. We all hope that never happens, but if it does, I want to be prepared!

It’s fine to stash away canned goods and dried foods, but be sure that you rotate and use these food storage options so they don’t expire. Replace those food stores with a fresh supply each year. Check expiration dates regularly and use food up.

Why I Recommend Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage sent me a selection of their products to sample. I tried each product and found all of them to be tasty and easy to prepare. My entire family enjoyed eating their freeze dried, long term storage foods.

I don’t eat the freeze dried meals every day. My family is a pretty frugal bunch and we raise alot of our own food for that reason. However, I do use these freeze dried foods for camping and emergency preparedness storage. Once a package is opened, the zip pouch is easy to close tightly to prevent the contents from getting stale or damp on a camping trip. Each package of food has an o

I like knowing that they will keep on a shelf for 25 years and I don’t have to worry about rotating my stash of preps. The one problem I have with emergency food storage is the fact that canned goods, nuts, etc are ‘use it or lose it’ storage items.

If you would prefer to purchase a long term food storage supply that you can stash away and use in the event of an emergency, I recommend Valley Food Storage products. They taste good, they’re shelf stable, and there are no artificial preservatives, dyes, or other ingredients.

You can pick and choose which items you’d like to try, or purchase package deals that last a month or more.

Valley Food Storage also sells home food freeze driers, water purification systems, empty mylar storage bags, oxygen absorbers, and a bunch of other preparedness and food storage solutions. I’m hoping to add some more of their products to my preparedness supplies in the future!

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