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I love magazines. I wish I had time to read all of these! You’ll find a wide variety of topics here and there are many more available through

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Cooking and Baking

Outdoors, Survival, and Prepping

DIY and Woodworking

Home, Crafts, and Garden

Homesteading, Farming, Livestock, and Pets

11 comments on “Magazines

  1. Joann

    Subscribed. Really enjoyed reading many of your articles. Gotta try Ducken soup, no turkeys here. Must try getting the greens growing earlier, our peafowl love making their own salads. They especially like radish greens. So many good ideas, hope I can remember everything I want to try.

    Have a younger friend starting a homestead. I hope she will enjoy this too. Also it looks like many subscribers are also quilters

    1. Lisa Lynn Post author

      Hi Erica,
      Thank you! I subscribed you, but you will need to finish the process by following the link in the email you will receive. Thanks!

  2. Dawn Swinford

    Can’t wait to try some of the things in the book, especially cabbage and rhubarb. Thank you for the e-book.

    1. Charlene Geller

      Thank you so very much! I learned a great deal and now realize how much more there is to go! Thanks again. Charlene Geller


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