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Do White Leghorns Go Broody_

Do White Leghorns Go Broody?

Do White Leghorns go broody and raise chicks? This breed has been selected for egg production, but some hens revert back to old instincts.

Do turkeys eat weeds?

Do Turkeys Eat Weeds & Forage For Free Food?

Do Turkeys Eat Weeds? If you are wondering, ‘Do turkeys eat weeds?’ I’m here to help. Yes! Turkeys do eat weeds! Our …


Outbreak of Newcastle Virus A Threat to Backyard Chickens

Virulent Newcastle Disease Detected in USA Backyard chicken flocks in California recently tested positive for virulent Newcastle Disease (vND). This is the …

How To Save Money On Chick Starter Feed

How To Save Money On Chick Feed Chicks don’t eat a great deal of feed for the first few weeks of their …

turkey poults

Bringing Home Turkey Poults

Bringing Home Turkey Poults I ordered 8 Broad Breasted turkey poults this spring and went to pick them up from the farmer …

Baby Chicks under heat lamp

My Chicks from Sunnyside Hatchery Arrived!

  I’m Back in the Chicken ‘Business!’ My homestead really doesn’t seem much like a homestead without some chickens. So I placed …

Day Old Chicks - The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Setting Up Your Brooder Box for Day Old Chicks, Ducklings, and Turkey Poults

Setting Up A Brooder Box For Your Baby Poultry Setting up a brooder box is the first step for providing a safe …

Cracked Egg

Egg Recall & Egg Safety Tips

Egg Recall 2018 & Egg Safety Tips Have you been affected by the latest egg recall? Are you concerned about the safety …