How to Choose the Best Chickens for Your Homestead

How to Choose the Best Chickens for Your Homestead

Choose the Best Chickens!

Are you planning to add chickens to your homestead? Not sure what breeds are best? Here is all the information you need to choose the best chickens for your homestead!

Before you start ordering baby chicks from a hatchery, here’s a wonderful guide for choosing the best breeds to fill your needs. Let’s start hatching some ideas!

How to Choose the Best Chickens for Your Homestead - multiple breeds for multiple purposes
Keep a mixed flock to fill multiple purposes

Best Chicken Breeds for Your Needs

Do you want laying hens, home-raised meat, or maybe show birds? There’s something for everyone here!

Are you interested in preserving a heritage breed or do you want the most economical chickens to fill your needs? You can get the best of both worlds with some breeds!

Let’s take a look at some potential reasons for keeping chickens:

  • Egg production
  • Meat production
  • Show birds
  • Heritage Breeds for Self-reliance
  • Pest control on the homestead
  • Feathers for fly-tying and crafts
  • Entertainment

Most likely you have more than one reason for keeping hens on your homestead. Some breeds do double duty!

Black Australorp is one of the best chickens for eggs
Black Australorps are a great heritage breed for egg production

Best Chickens for Egg Production

Some of the best breeds for laying plentiful eggs are actually heritage breeds! You can keep the following breeds and still get great egg production:

  • White Leghorn – white eggs (also economical and heat tolerant)
  • Rhode Island Red – brown eggs (hardy and heat tolerant)
  • Black Australorp – brown eggs (attractive feathers and productive)
Poultry Combo Pack

If you aren’t concerned about keeping heritage breeds and you just want the best egg production from your birds, try keeping some of these hybrid egg layers:

  • California White – white eggs
  • Cinnamon Queen – brown eggs
  • Red or Black Sex Link – brown eggs

In addition to being economical on feed, these chickens are calm and hardy.

Cornish x Rock are the best chicken for fast efficient meat production
Cornish x Rock hybrids are the fastest growing meat bird

Best Chickens for Meat Production

Are you planning to raise meat chickens for your table? Hands down, the most economical meat bird you can raise is the Cornish x Rock! These meaty birds are a hybrid that are ready for processing at 6 to 8 weeks.

Heritage birds just can’t compete for fast, efficient meat production when compared to the Cornish x Rock. If you would like to read more, check out How to Raise the Best Chickens for Meat!

  • Cornish x Rock – #1 hybrid for meat production
  • Freedom Rangers – slower-growing hybrid meat bird
  • Plymouth Barred Rock & White Plymouth Rock – dual-purpose heritage breeds that are better for meat production than most heritage breeds
This Ameraucana lays green eggs

Chicken Breeds for Show or Fun

If you are mostly interested in keeping chickens for show or for living ‘lawn ornaments’ then you can raise just about any breed that you like! Some of these breeds even provide fancy feathers for crafting or fly-tying:

  • Bantams – mini-chickens in many different breeds
  • Silkies – ‘fuzzy’ chickens (also good mothers)
  • Ayam Cemani – all black chicken (highly prized and quite expensive)
  • Ameraucana – chickens with sideburns that lay green and blue eggs
  • Polish – chickens with fancy feathers and ‘topknot’
  • Brahma – large chickens with feathered feet
  • Plymouth Barred Rock – hardy dual-purpose breed with feathers for fly-tying
  • Silver Seabright – fancy feathers

There are many more fancy chickens. They will provide plenty of entertainment as they search for bugs in your yard!

Rhode Island Red
Rhode Island Reds are one of my favorite breeds for self-reliance

Heritage Chicken Breeds for Self-Reliance

Maybe you’re in the market for chicken breeds that will do well in your area, produce plenty of eggs, and make a nice stewing hen when they’re no longer productive. Many of these breeds will actively forage for pests and weeds, lending a helping hand on your homestead!

There are quite a few breeds that will fill the bill:

  • Rhode Island Red – lots of brown eggs, good for stewing
  • Plymouth Rock – good brown egg production, good for meat
  • White Leghorn – lots of white eggs, good forager
  • Icelandic – good breed for raising chicks and self-reliance

If you live in a hot climate, check out How to Choose the Best Heat Tolerant Chickens.

Are your winters exceptionally cold? Check out How to Choose the Best Cold Tolerant Chickens.

Do you want hens that will hatch and raise their own chicks? Check out How to Choose the Best Broody Hens for a Self Reliant Flock.

mama hen - The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Start Out With the Best Chickens!

Now that you’ve read up on some of the best breeds to fill the needs on your homestead, you can get started on your flock! If you aren’t sure where to get chicks, check out How to Start With the Best Baby Chicks!

If you’ve never had baby chicks before you’ll want to read through this awesome guide on How to Care for Day Old Chicks! If you’d like to save money on your brooder set up, check out my instructions for a Redneck Brooder Box. 🙂

Reduce the carbon footprint of your chickens with my Best Guide to Raising Eco-friendly Chickens!

Are you new to keeping chickens? Or are you thinking of adding more chickens to your flock? Leave a comment and tell me what breeds you want to buy!

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