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Why I Order from Buying Clubs and Food Co-ops

My parents purchased food through a buying club when I was a kid. I thought it was a blast! We got huge pails of peanut butter, bags of oats and flour, and sometimes we even got a treat that Mom wouldn’t normally buy. πŸ™‚

I went with Mom to the buying club ‘break down’ day a couple of times. Because many foods had to be ordered in bulk, we would share an order with other families. So a 50-pound bag had to be split up. As a kid, I mostly goofed off while this was going on…it was fun to see what other families ordered.

Azure Standard even sells fresh produce like red peppers.

Buying Clubs Have Come a Long Way, Baby!

These days buying clubs are so much easier than they were back in the day. I belong to 3 different buying clubs or food co-ops and they are all geared toward customer service. You can usually purchase products in small amounts like one piece or a 5-pound bag. This is great for smaller families and individuals who don’t want a huge bag of flour or a case of ketchup.

I just started ordering cheese culture through my Azure Standard buying club!

I’ve been purchasing from buying clubs for years and it really helps save money for our family. It allows me to order products that aren’t available in our area or are less expensive through a club. And I really appreciate that my bulk items come with much less packaging.

In fact, I wrote a post, Save Money with a Buying Club, if you are interested in learning more about it!

Do you belong to a buying club or food co-op? If not, would you join one if it was available in your area? If you do belong to one, what is your favorite part of ordering?

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