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Freeze Dried Sweet Corn Review – Valley Food Storage

Freeze-dried sweet corn and other shelf-stable foods are great for preppers, campers, and off-grid homesteaders. But maybe you’re wondering how good freeze-dried food tastes? I wondered the same thing and tried several products from Valley Food Storage to see how I like it.

Disclosure: I received this product free to review for Valley Food Storage and I earn a small commission from the sale of this product. I am sharing my honest opinion of the product.

I received freeze-dried sweet corn from Valley Food Storage (#ad) to review. I really enjoyed reviewing their food! Here is the list of products I received:

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Freeze dried pork sausage crumbles and sweet corn from Valley Food Storage…. reconstituted and ready to eat.

Freeze Dried Sweet Corn

I love sweet corn, but it doesn’t grow very well for me so I usually buy it from the grocery store. For everyday use, it’s hard to beat frozen sweet corn as an alternative to homegrown. But I like to have shelf-stable emergency preparedness foods on hand in case our power is out, for camping trips, and just in case zombies attack. (Just kidding about the zombies, sort of.)

Ingredients: 100% Sweet Corn

I like the fact that there are no artificial ingredients, salt, sugar, or other extras added to this product. I read ingredients lists and try to avoid things that aren’t healthy for my family, so this is a big plus with Valley Food Storage products.


The instructions call for mixing 1/4 cup of freeze dried sweet corn with 1 cup of water. Stir and allow to sit for 12 minutes. Drain excess liquid if desired.

I decided to try the freeze dried sweet corn mixed with pork sausage crumbles from Valley Food Storage, reconstituted and added to scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Although the sweet corn was supposed to sit in water longer than the sausage, I put them together in a bowl and poured boiling water over both, stirred, covered with a small plate, and allowed it to sit for 5 minutes. The sweet corn came out just fine this way.

While the sausage and corn sat in hot water I started cooking scrambled eggs on the stove top. When the eggs were almost done, I drained the sausage and corn, added it to the pan, scrambled one more time, and allowed the entire contents of the pan to cook for a couple more minutes.

This was a very easy meal to make and it’s easy to customize to your taste…just add cheese, veggies, or any hot sauce or flavorings you like.

Flavor & Texture

Before I added the sweet corn and sausage to the scrambled eggs, I tasted a spoonful of it just plain. They were both delicious just like that…I could have eaten the entire bowl this way.

I could not tell any difference in the texture and flavor of the reconstituted freeze dried corn from frozen corn.

My husband also tasted the sausage and corn plain and agreed with me that you could not tell the difference between this product and frozen corn.

After cooking the scrambled eggs with freeze dried sausage and sweet corn, we all dished up a serving and enjoyed our breakfast.

The sausage and corn both passed the taste test with every member of our family, both in a meal and by themselves. The flavor and texture are exceptionally good and I would definitely purchase this product for camping, quick meals, and long term food storage for emergency situations.

Right Out of the Bag

I have also been eating Valley Food Storage Freeze Dried Sweet Corn right out of the bag as a healthy snack, sprinkling it on salads, and using as a garnish on top of soups and stews…it tastes great without reconstituting or cooking.

Thumbs up, Valley Food Storage, for providing a quality product that tastes great and lasts for a long time on the shelf!

Serving Suggestions

You can use Valley Food Storage Freeze Dried Pork Sweet Corn in a variety of ways. Use your imagination to come up with new ideas! Here are some suggestions that you might enjoy:

  • As a side dish
  • In corn and bean salsa
  • Add to soup, stew, or chili
  • Use in tacos, enchiladas, or tamales
  • As a topping for salads
  • With nuts and other freeze dried veggies as a healthy trail mix
  • Or just eat plain!

Valley Food Storage Products

There are a ton of useful products on their website. If you are concerned about emergency preparedness, want to keep extra food on hand, or enjoy camping, you will appreciate the convenience and flavor of Valley Food Storage meals and sides. All of their food is made with all natural ingredients, no fillers or artificial junk. They also carry food freeze dryers, water purification units, and food storage packaging for home prepping. Check out their products online! (#ad)

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