Mac and Cheese – Valley Food Storage Review

Mac & Cheese from Valley Food Storage
Mac & Cheese from Valley Food Storage
Mac & Cheese with a spoonful of homemade pesto.

Mac & Cheese from Valley Food Storage- Product Review

If you are wondering how good long term storage foods and emergency rations taste, keep reading! I received Mac & Cheese, along with several other products, from Valley Food Storage (#ad) to review. And I must say my taste buds enjoy reviewing their food! Here is the list of products I received to review:

Disclosure: I received this product free to review for Valley Food Storage and I earn a commission from the sale of this product. However, I am sharing my honest opinion of the product.

Mac & Cheese

Valley Food Storage Mac & Cheese (#ad) was one of the entrees I really wanted to try. It’s one of my favorites and in an emergency situation, comfort foods are appreciated even more. Not to mention that it’s hard to beat mac and cheese for everyday meals, too!


I used the entire package to make lunch, with the expectation that we’d have 1 or 2 servings left over. I’m optomistic. The packet makes 5 servings of 1 cup each. My 22 year old son blew through almost 3 servings in one sitting. I do believe he likes it!

The Mac & Cheese mix is added to boiling water, gently boiled for several minutes, then allowed to sit to thicken. It isn’t an ‘instant meal, just add boiling water’ mix, but it only takes about 15 minutes total to prepare.

Flavor & Texture

This Mac & Cheese reminded me a lot of the boxed mac and cheese commonly available at the grocery store. However, the Valley Food Storage version has some spices added that make it much more flavorful. I did notice that the website shows shell pasta and I received elbow macaroni. This is not a big deal to me, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

All three members of our family tried and enjoyed the mac and cheese.

My husband said that, of course, it isn’t as good as my homemade, baked macaroni and cheese. (Brownie points for hubby!) However, he enjoyed the flavor and texture and would be happy to eat it again.

I liked the Mac & Cheese and would eat it again. However, it was just a bit saltier than I would normally make my food.

My son said that he really liked it, especially the extra spices that gave it a ‘non-traditional’ flavor.

My takeaway? I still like my homemade macaroni and cheese best for flavor and price, but I would buy Valley Food Storage Mac & Cheese for camping trips and emergency prepping. It is a very nice meal or side dish and I would definitely eat it again.

Serving Suggestions

Prepare this Mac and Cheese mix as an entree or side dish, with vegetables and meat from Valley Food Storage.

  • Add a dollop of pesto, sour cream, or enchilada beans
  • Mix with pork sausage or chicken for extra protein
  • Add peas, green beans, or corn for a serving of vegetables
  • Add salsa, jalapenos, and chips for nacho style mac and cheese

Valley Food Storage Products

There are a ton of useful products on their website. If you are concerned about emergency preparedness, want to keep extra food on hand, or enjoy camping, you will appreciate the convenience and flavor of Valley Food Storage meals and sides. All of their food is made with all natural ingredients, no fillers or artificial junk. They also carry food freeze dryers, water purification units, and food storage packaging for home prepping.

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