Hatching, Brooding, and Raising Baby Poultry

Getting Ready for Chick Season!

If you live in a mild climate, you may already be gearing up for baby poultry. In my area the feed stores are taking orders for chicks, turkey poults and ducklings. If you are working toward a more self sufficient lifestyle, you may want to hatch your own fertile poultry eggs. Here are some articles that I have shared to help you hatch eggs, brood chicks, and care for the sick or injured peeps.

How to Hatch Chicks in an Incubator

How to Care for Day Old Chicks

My Redneck Brooder Box – Or How to Brood Chicks on ‘The Cheap’

How to Care for a Sick Chick

15 Helpful Hints for a Successful Hatch Rate

Top 5 Reasons for a Poor Hatch Rate

Heritage turkey poults hanging in their Redneck Brooder Box.

And some bonus information for chicken newbies…

Common Chicken Questions


Happy Hatching!