Rhubarb ‘Potluck Pie’

Rhubarb Potluck PieRhubarb Season has Arrived!

And who doesn’t love a yummy rhubarb pie?! Here’s an easy ‘potluck pie’ that’s large enough to share, and tasty enough that you’re unlikely to have any leftovers.

The inspiration for this recipe is the Brown Sugar & Rhubarb Pie recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. I’ve made that recipe several times before, but without the meringue topping. I prefer it to the traditional rhubarb pie, because the custard cuts the acid in the rhubarb. But I decided to take the rhubarb custard pie to a new level and created this recipe to take to a potluck at Trogg’s Hollow Farm over the weekend. I brought home some crumbs in the bottom of my pan. Hmmm, might have to try making a half recipe for dessert!


A happy potluck pie customer. :)
A happy potluck pie customer. 🙂




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