Powerful Plants Book Series ‘Edutains’ Children


Powerful Plants Edutains Children

Powerful Plants Entertains and Educates Kids

“The Carrot-Napping” is the first story in a brand new series of books for children that teaches them about plants while entertaining them with the Powerful Plant characters and their adventures. The book and accompanying seed packets have illustrations that become animated when viewed through a smart phone or tablet, using a free downloadable app.

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I recently received ‘The Carrot-Napping’ book to review for Powerful Plants. It sounded like a fun read for children! And the message is dear to my heart because one of my greatest wishes is that our children will learn to appreciate and conserve the natural world. So I delightedly accepted the invitation and received my free copy, plus a few packets of organic heirloom seeds to plant in my garden this summer. What’s not to love about that?!

Look at all of the wonderful non-gmo seed packs available through Powerful Plants!

Look at all of the wonderful organic, non-gmo seed packs available through Powerful Plants!


Free App Makes the Characters ‘Come to Life’

To make the most of this book, download the free educational app from Powerful Plants and use a smart phone or tablet to view each of the characters in the book and on the seed packets. There’s also a video of Weeping Willow explaining the process to make it easy. The app gives you access to all the fun plant character animations. Each one comes to ‘life’ to share entertaining information about the plants, such as: where they originally grew, how people have used them through history, and about their unique benefits.

“The Carrot-Napping” shares readable information about various plants, including Daucus (the carrot), Weeping Willow, Elder Berry, and many others. Parents will want to read these sections along with younger children. After each intro, view the plant with your tablet or smart phone, and children will be asked a few questions to check what they’ve learned. They’ll get instant feedback on whether they answered correctly and, by answering, children are entered in a contest to win a family vacation to Old School Farm! Once they answer the questions, children will hear more information in an engaging story telling style from the plant’s character.

Try planting some of the heritage seed in your garden this spring!

Try planting some of the heritage seed in your garden this spring!


The Seed Packets

Another thing I really like about Powerful Plants are the packages of organic non-gmo seed packets that can be planted in your garden for a hands on learning experience. Many children have little interest in going outside to play, so anything that helps encourage them to do so is a great thing. View the seed packet characters through your tablet or smart phone for planting instructions, then head out to the garden to get growing! You’ll find that these packets contain smaller amounts of seed, perfect for planting in a child-sized garden.

The seeds offered for sale by Powerful Plants are organic, non-gmo, heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs. You can save seeds from them at the end of summer to plant again next year. Keep the seed packets so you can view them all over again before you plant your future garden. There are no genetically modified seeds for sale through their website, so you can rest assured that your family will be eating healthy food from your garden.



Kids & Contests

Your children are sure to enjoy the books and seeds whether they want to enter any of the contests or not. But as an extra incentive, Powerful Plants offers kids the chance to make their own music video, design their own Powerful Plant character, grow the most amazing carrot, or answer questions for a chance at the grand prize trip to Old School Farms. You can find out more about all of these fun contests here.

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Where Can I Find These Awesome Books and Seeds?

“The Carrot-Napping” Book, including a packet of heirloom carrot seeds and the individual seed packets are available for sale through Powerful Plants online . This would be a great resource for families who want to teach their children to garden and work to make our world a better place.

Discounts for Teachers

Teachers can order the Powerful Plants books and seeds at a 25% discount, as long as the order is sent to a school. There is also an opportunity for fundraising projects that will earn $1 for each packet of seeds sold. Visit the Teachers Page on Powerful Plants for more information!

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