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Homemade Honey~Lemon Cheese Spread

How to Make Honey~Lemon Cheese Spread

When I made my first batch of Farmer’s Cheese recently, I ran into a little snafu. I couldn’t find my sieve to separate the lemon juice from the seeds and pulp (one of the fun parts of having my 19-year-old son put away the dishes) 😉 so I attempted to pour the juice from the lemon reamer directly into the pot of hot milk. Well, the seeds and pulp ended up in the pot too. I managed to fish all of the seeds out, but the pulp was another matter.

My Gram’s old honey pot 🙂

Never fear! This little mistake turned into an impromptu dish of Honey-lemon Cheese Spread and I will be making it again (and again). I drained the whey off of the lemony cheese and drizzled honey over it, mixed that in and we ate it on graham crackers. It reminded me of cheesecake and it disappeared very quickly.

For complete instructions, check out my post How to Make Farmer’s Cheese. Use the juice of at least one whole lemon, two if you want even more lemon flavor. Drain the whey off the curds, and add honey to taste. Use this yummy spread within a week for best results…that is, if you have any left after the first day! This would be great spread on toast for breakfast, with fruit, or add a dollop on top of gingerbread, graham crackers, or zucchini bread.

Have you ever made a mistake in the kitchen that turned into something super delicious?

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