The Black Plague…I Mean Black Friday…

Keep more money in your pocket!

Do we really need to shop today to save a little cash?

Puts Me in a Black Mood

I avoid shopping on Black Friday like it’s the plague. I know that there are many people who need to be back to work on Monday. They have a long list of gifts to find but a small budget. TV commercials have fueled the extensive wish list that our children (and most adults) filled out. Theyย thinkย they need the latest gadget, video game, or fashion ensemble. So, well-meaning shoppers crowd the stores trying to get the most for their money.

I’m Staying Home!

I refuse to join the grumpy crowds searching for the limited quantities of super reduced price televisions, laptops, gaming systems, toys, and ‘gotta-have-its’ available for only a couple hours on Black Friday morning. I don’t ‘gotta-have-it.’ I don’t wanna have it.

I asked for a plant stand for Christmas. It’s a stand that will allow me to start some herbs in my sunny, south-facing, sliding glass door. The plant stand I want will keep the plants up where my goofy dog Rocky can’t eat them. At least, that’s my hope. I asked for this plant stand a month ago. No one has to stand in line to purchase it. Nobody needs to get tackled and tazed by mall security for the one item on my wish list.

Shopping on normal shopping days makes me feel grumpy and anti-social. Going out today would put me in the blackest mood of the year.

Are you shopping today? Staying home to pick on leftover turkey? Starting your homemade gifts? Does shopping on Black Friday put you in a black mood too?


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