Our First Perennial Onions of the Season

Walking onions are the first greens in my garden each spring.

Perennial Onions

I planted Egyptian Walking Onions years ago and have been reaping the rewards of these easy-care perennials ever since. They are the earliest vegetable ready in my garden each spring, at a time when I treasure anything green coming up! These onions can be harvested at any stage and they multiply quickly.  You can plant any type of perennial onions in your garden if you’d like to have green onions first thing in the spring.

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Our homegrown green onions.

Green Onions

I almost picked up a bunch of green onions from the grocery store the other day. We ran out of storage onions a while ago and I like onions for our soups, stews, and omelets. So I’ve had to resort to buying them. Now that the weather is warming up, I noticed that our perennial onions are greening up and there are sprouts coming up, perfect for green onions. We had some on our potatoes with plain yogurt at dinner last night and I sauteed some with goat meat for lunch today (but that’s another post altogether). It feels great to have our own produce starting to come in again.

Our homegrown green onions.

As I raked the garden beds yesterday, I noticed that the sorrel I planted last year is coming up nicely too, and there are baby dandelions sprouting everywhere. So very soon we’ll have some nice salads from foraged and homegrown greens. I’m so looking forward to fresh greens picked and eaten all in the same day.

Are you eating homegrown greens yet? Do you have perennial onions in your garden? What is your favorite way to eat them?



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