Spring Poultry Primer

The ducklings on their first day outside.

Pekin ducklings are raised for meat and eggs.

Getting Started with Poultry this Spring

Are you thinking about getting started with chickens or other poultry this year? Or maybe you are considering some new kinds of birds? I’ve shared some posts dealing with how to raise poultry that you may find helpful. Take a gander (or a goose) and click on the links that interest you!

How to Hatch Chicks in an Incubator

How to Care for Day Old Chicks

How to Raise Turkeys

Raising Ducks for Meat

Raising Meat Chickens

One dozen duck eggs in a neat little row.

One dozen duck eggs in a neat little row.

If you already have poultry, you might be noticing an increase in egg production with the longer days. Here are some ideas for using those extra eggs…

What to do With Extra Eggs


I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather in your area!


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