Slow Cooking a Duck

Slow cooked duck meat is wonderful!

Slow cooked duck meat is wonderful!

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Slow Cooked Duck Meat

Yesterday afternoon I put a duck in the slow cooker and let it simmer on low until dinner time. I poured some cranberry walnut dressing over it for flavor. You could use Italian dressing, Thai Peanut Sauce, or another marinade or salad dressing for variety, if you like. You may also stuff the body cavity with stuffing, herbs, or dried fruits and nuts.

We enjoyed the duck for dinner with smashed potatoes (flavored with juice from the duck) and a green salad of kale and romaine lettuce. It was delicious!

Slow cooking a duck is a great way to let it stew in its own delicious juices. The meat is tender and flavorful. I tried using the slow cooker on high, but I think it is best to use the low setting and start a bit earlier. Avoid overcooking and drying out the meat.


What is your favorite way to cook a duck? Have you ever raised your own ducks for meat?




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