Sunflowers and Squash Blossoms

A Blue Sky and Pretty Yellow Flowers

The last day we spent at my parents’ house in New York was gorgeous, with vivid blue skies and wonderful sunshine. I took my camera and headed out to my Dad’s garden to snap a few photos before taking my sister, Beth, to the train station.

I never get tired of the view from my parents’ backyard. Here is the scenery we enjoyed while we sipped our coffee on the porch…


a view of the valley.

…a view of the valley.


Those trees in the foreground are hiding the happy yellow sunflowers. As the morning sun warmed the earth, the view just kept getting better!

scaled sunflower with bees

Busy bees on a sunflower.


scaled squash blossom

Frilly squash blossom.


scaled sunflowers with a view

These sunflowers are enjoying the view of the valley.


Drinking squash nectar, bzzzz.

Drinking squash nectar, bzzzz.


Pretty in profile.

Pretty in profile.


Sunflower and a blue sky.

Sunflower and a blue sky.


I hope you have a sunny day on your homestead!


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