Camping in Michigan!


Camping Trip!

Our family loves to camp when we go on vacation. We also love to visit our friends in Michigan, Wayne and Vivian! We all got together for a long weekend at Cranberry Lake Campground near Kalamazoo. They have a nice little cabin next to the shore with a tent site right next door…perfect for us!


There’s a swim beach and canoes for rent.

Tom and Joe paddling about.

Tom and Joe paddling about.


I found tons of mulberry trees around the campground. I picked some and took them home, but they got a bit mushy.


We even had an unofficial mascot for the weekend. This fancy pigeon was obviously used to humans, but didn’t want to be petted.

Our mascot for the weekend.

Our mascot for the weekend.


We also had the rare opportunity to watch a box turtle lay eggs in the sandy soil near our camp site.

Box turtle laying eggs.

Box turtle laying eggs.


The moon was almost full and lit up the campground beautifully!

Moon through the trees.

Moon through the trees.


I love sitting next to the camp fire in the evening!


Some of the campers are regulars and have their own boats docked for the summer…what a nice place to spend all your summer weekends!


We had an amazing weekend catching up with our friends and relaxing. 🙂 This is one of the highlights of our summer each year!

The camping trip was great, and Shadow had a fun time too! But when we started packing the car, he couldn’t wait to get in and head for home.

"There aren't enough dog treats in the world to coax me outta here!"

“There aren’t enough dog treats in the world to coax me outta here!”


Do you enjoy camping? Are you going on any summer vacations this year?





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