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The Best Chicken Breeds for Preppers

Very cool announcement – I’m writing articles for The Prepper Project, a website dedicated to helping others prepare for the possibility of economic collapse or large scale disasters. Check out my first article, 8 Best Chicken Breed for Preppers.


I think of my chickens as a part of my preparedness plan. There are many situations in which the chickens would have to be eaten, turned loose, or traded for other provisions. For example, if we needed to get out of Dodge quick, I’d turn the chickens loose to fend for themselves or feed another family.


I also think that having chickens on hand is a great way to feed our family if the cost or availability of food becomes a problem. But you have to think of them as a source of meat and not just eggs in this scenario. You also need to think about what you would do if livestock feed is unavailable. Can they free range safely? Or would they become a target for hungry predators? Don’t forget that raising future generations of chickens will be important too. In my article I discuss some of the things you will need to take into consideration if chickens are part of your preparedness plan.


Do you keep chickens as part of your preparedness plan?





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