Garden Journal – Plant Basics Worksheet Freebie

Gardener's Plant Basics Worksheet for recording vegetable growing information (with image of flower)

Gardener’s Journal Freebie – Plant Basics Worksheet

Are tired of looking up basic plant-growing information? Do you keep forgetting when to start your tomato seeds indoors? Or maybe you’re researching the best crops for your climate and need a handy sheet for recording all of that important info. I get frustrated having to look things up several times so I created a handy Plant Basics Worksheet to organize and record necessary growing information for each crop I raise.

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My Plant Basics Worksheet has spaces to jot down the botanical name, hardiness zone, ideal germination temperature, number of days to germinate, time to harvest, when to start seeds indoors and transplant outdoors, and the sunlight, soil, water, and fertilizer needs of each plant. There is space for notes, info for saving seeds, special care notes, and recording varieties you wish to try.

Feel free to download this pdf file, save it to your computer, and print off a copy any time you wish. There are two different versions, one with a chamomile flower and another with a radish. Grab your fave, or grab both!

Fill in your Plant Basics Worksheet by searching online or in your favorite gardening books for the necessary information. Fill the page out once and store it in your garden journal to save time in the future! I like using a three hole punch” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>three-hole punch (#ad) to prepare the journal pages for the binder. It’s super easy to add new pages or remove old ones.

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The design above has a vintage image of a chamomile flower and the design below features a radish… download both freebies, if you like!

Gardener's Plant Basics Worksheet for recording vegetable growing information (with image of radish)

If you have suggestions for other free garden journal pages that would be handy, leave a comment or contact me!

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