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Garden Journal – Plant Basics Worksheet Freebie

Gardener's Journal Page - Plant Basics Worksheet for recording plant growing information

Gardener’s Journal Freebie – Plant Basics Worksheet

Are tired of looking up basic plant-growing information? Do you keep forgetting when to start your tomato seeds indoors? Or maybe you’re researching the best crops for your climate and need a handy sheet for recording all of that important info. I get frustrated having to look things up several times so I created a handy Plant Basics Worksheet to organize and record necessary growing information for each crop I raise.

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My Plant Basics Worksheet has spaces to jot down the botanical name, hardiness zone, ideal germination temperature, number of days to germinate, time to harvest, when to start seeds indoors and transplant outdoors, and the sunlight, soil, water, and fertilizer needs of each plant. There is space for notes, info for saving seeds, special care notes, and recording varieties you wish to try.

Feel free to download this PDF file, save it to your computer, and print off a copy any time you wish. There are two different versions, one with a chamomile flower and another with a radish. Grab your fave, or grab both!

Fill in your Plant Basics Worksheet by searching online or in your favorite gardening books for the necessary information. Fill the page out once and store it in your garden journal to save time in the future! I like using a three-ring binder and a three-hole punch to prepare the journal pages for the binder. It’s super easy to add new pages or remove old ones.

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The design above has a vintage image of a chamomile flower and the design below features a radish… download both freebies, if you like!

Gardener's Plant Basics Worksheet for recording vegetable growing information (with image of radish)

If you have suggestions for other free garden journal pages that would be handy, leave a comment or contact me!

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93 Comments on “Garden Journal – Plant Basics Worksheet Freebie

  1. Thank you for the printables! I have figured another use for these printables other than my garden, which I am excied about. I am thinking I can use them for my herbs and houseplants! I have just started having houseplants in the last couple years and found there are so many varieties plus indoor herb garden and of course outdoor garden

  2. I love this and cant wait to get it set up before planting season! If you ever do a 2nd version, you could add Storing as an option. (If it goes in the fridge after picking up to X days, sirs on counter, needs to cure, etc).

  3. This is amazing. I was seriously about to sit down and gather information about seeds and when to plant, etc. This will help keep it organized!

  4. Thank you so much for the free worksheets! I am always looking for ways to improve my garden and make my life a little easier…especially after my husbands TBI he got last year. Its getting harder to find time…I am hoping this takes some burden off my plate with my 28 raised beds in my garden…I could have my 7 kids help…LOL

  5. Thank you for taking out the guess work in gardening. This is great for each year, reviewing to see what changes need to be made in the next growing season.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! One thing I’ve learned to do is to three hole punch my records and keep them in a binder so I can add pages easily instead of ending up with an unorganized mess of notes. : ). I’m looking forward to improving my garden journal with these pages!

  7. I’ve commented elsewhere that my wife is the gardener, but man this worksheet is really helpful for an amateur like me.

  8. I keep my information in an Excel spreadsheet right now, but this will be so helpful to have a folder with this information stored with my seeds.

  9. Thank you SO much! I was trying to write this all out on notebook paper and it was so unorganized. Many things I didn’t Include that’s on this sheet that would be helpful to keep track of

  10. Thanks great info I hope I win the book Id share it with my uncle who has a non profit teaching organic gardening techniques in the Philippines

  11. Thank you. Again, this will help us to be more organized and efficient gardening for the first time in Alaska.

  12. This worksheet will be so helpful as I am new to gardening and like that I can put all seed info on one page

  13. I’m so excited to use this plant journal!
    This is the time of year I have a hard time waiting to plant… total seed starting addiction…lol

  14. I NEED this worksheet in my life! How many times have I planted a seed and forgot it’s specific care needs, when I can expect it to germinate, when will it be ready to harvest… etc, etc?… With the worksheets, I can take the time now to collect the info for my plants in one place so I have a resource. To know, rather than to wonder…

  15. This will make keeping us with our plants so much easier…I always try and keep a journal but this is so much more in depth…Thanks

  16. Yay! Love the worksheets! I do something similar, but I want to print it out and see if I can update mine! Lots of planning to do for the next growing season-

  17. as a newer gardener, i’m learning that keeping track of this stuff from one year to the next is super important. these look great!

  18. Worksheet is helpful to me when I try New Plants from Seeds. I can write down the Information that’s on Packet & put Sheet with seeds I harvest from Plants at the end of Season.

  19. What an amazing worksheet. Having all the necessary information for each plant all jn one place is extremely helpful!

  20. I can honestly say I’m completely horrible when it comes to writing down important garden information but one of my New Years resolutions is to be better at that. I like this worksheet and I’m definitely going to use it! Thanks a bunch!!

  21. The sheet is very helpful to stay organized. Noting down details systematically helps to know how to have a plan, refer back and make changes to improve.

  22. This is great! I was looking for a way to gather and organize plant and seed information to help plan out the garden.

  23. The his looks like a great tool! Thank you! I need lots of gardening help, but I am determined to learn

  24. Looks like this is going to go great with my planting slide chart. I love things that let me do the hard parts once. Thank you!

  25. I’m really excited about this printable! I used to keep notes but lost them. I have a plant app but really like to have the written copies as well. Thank you!

    1. Wonderful! I homeschooled my son and I wish I had learned to create these kinds of worksheets a looooong time ago, lol!

  26. I so enjoy your newsletter! I absolutely love working in my garden and find your posts interesting an helpful. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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