Digital Electronic Scale Review


Digital scale right out of the box.

Digital scale right out of the box.

Digital Electronic Scale from YesComUSA

YesComUSA recently asked me to choose a product to review from their online catalog, and I jumped at the chance because I love to do reviews! The hardest part was picking which product I wanted the most! Since I much prefer to review a product that I know I will find useful for years to come, I settled on their Multipurpose Digital Electronic Scale. This product is recommended for super markets and other retail businesses, but I have been looking for a good digital scale to use at home without busting the budget.

Using a Digital Scale on My Homestead

For years I have belonged to buying clubs and co-ops that allow me to purchase bulk goods at a lower price than the same products at a grocery store. I buy spices, herbs, organic grains and flours, baking supplies, organic fair trade chocolate, and even my chicken feed this way! Our family also purchases locally grown, grass fed beef and pork. I know that I need to purchase a larger amount all at once, but the savings are well worth the up front costs.

Sometimes I split my orders with friends and other members of the buying club and using a bathroom scale or a postal scale just doesn’t cut it when you need an accurate reading. I also mix my own organic chicken feed from whole grains and I need precise weights to be sure that the poultry supplements are added in proper amounts. So I knew that I needed a better scale and this digital scale from YesComUSA was exactly what I was looking for.


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The Product

The Multipurpose Electronic Digital Scale weighs items up to 60 pounds, with an accuracy down to 0.01 pounds. It converts from Kilograms to Pounds with the touch of a button…great for folks in any part of the world. You can enter in the unit price of an item to find out the total cost and up to 99 items and prices can be entered into the computerized memory. This is more geared toward a business, but will come in handy if I am splitting multiple co-op items with another buyer. Another great feature is the Tare button, which allows you to use a container to weigh bulk items and remove the weight of the container from the total.

A stainless steel platform fits on top of the scale making the unit easy to clean. Total weight and price are visible to both the ‘customer’ and ’employee’ at the same time. The scale comes with a rechargeable battery accessible through a bottom panel, and an electric cord and plug for easy use. It switches to sleep mode if left unused for a period of time, to help save battery power. The entire unit is 13.5″ x 9″ x 5″…small enough for easy storage, but large enough to weigh bulky items (like chicken feed!).

Many of these features will come in handy for the small business owner who needs to weigh items for sale or postage. They may very well go unused for my purposes, but it’s nice to know that I have the option of using them in the future.

The Review

I removed the scale from the reusable box and read through the directions. I found some of the directions for adding different weights and prices to be a bit difficult to understand and follow…but then, I tend to be ‘instructionally challenged,’ so this is probably all on me. The scale was easy to set up and the platform fit easily on the scale. There is a small bubble style level on the front of the scale to allow the user to balance the scale. This is the only trouble I had with my new scale. I could not get the scale level according to the little bubble. There are four feet on the bottom of the scale that screw on and off, allowing the unit to be leveled. But I think perhaps the level on this unit is off. A simple way to fix this issue would be to use a separate level to double check the scale yourself.

I tested the accuracy of the scale by weighing several items with known weights. Using this method, I was able to determine that the scale was quite accurate. However, I didn’t find any notation on the scale or packaging claiming conformity to the U.S. Weights and Measures regulations. For my purposes, the scale appears to be accurate enough, but if you own a business and will be selling products by weight, I highly recommend that you check to make sure that this digital scale conforms to U.S. standards of weight and measurement before purchasing.

After checking the accuracy of the scale with objects of known weight, I used it to weigh the different grains I use in my home mixed chicken feed. I found the scale easy to use and handle when weighing large bulky items. It fits back into the box easily for storage and I can tell that I will get a great deal of use from this scale for mixing my chicken feed and weighing bulk items for my buying club.


Have you every used an digital electronic scale to break down bulk items from a buying club or to mix your own chicken feed? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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