Free Printable Winter Garden Chores Checklist

Detail of winter garden chores checklist for the south.
Close-up of Southern Garden Chores Checklist

Free Winter Garden Chores Checklist

Are you struggling to keep your gardening chores organized and completed at the proper time of year? Sometimes I have trouble remembering all of the winter garden chores that need to be completed, so I created the following Winter Garden Chores Checklists to help me keep my act together this time of year. Now you can download and print any of these checklists to use for your own garden journal or planner!

In this post, you’ll find checklists to help you track the garden chores necessary for your area. I’ve included a handy list for both northern and southern gardeners, as well as a blank checklist to customize for your UDSA Plant Hardiness Zone and garden chores. Download the free checklists that work best for you and print as many copies as you need!

Not sure what your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone is? Here’s a handy way to find out by plugging in your zip code…

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Blank Winter Garden Chores Checklist Worksheet
Use this blank checklist to create your own custom list.

Blank Winter Garden Chores Checklist

This blank garden chores checklist is great for gardeners who wish to create their own customized chore chart. Use the suggested chores in the other lists to get ideas or fill in the list as you like. Chores needed may change from year to year, so this blank list is perfect for printing a fresh copy each winter. Just jot down the appropriate tasks and use the spaces to the right to record the date each is completed.

Winter Garden Chores Checklist garden journal and planner page for gardeners in the south.

Free Checklist for Southern Gardeners

Anyone who gardens in the south knows that your seasonal chores look much different from those necessary in the northern states. Although I live in an area with cold winters, I dream about a warm, sunny garden in January! Maybe someday I’ll garden in a warmer climate but for now, I’m creating this basic winter garden chore checklist for anyone in a warm, southern location to use for their garden planner and journal.

If you notice that I’ve missed some important chores, please leave a comment so I can add them! Thanks!

Winter Garden Chores Checklist garden journal and planner page for gardeners in the north.

Checklist for Northern Gardeners

This checklist shares common winter garden chores for folks who live in northern areas with cold winters and a stretch of time when the garden is dormant. There are some areas where cool-season crops are grown through the cold months so you may wish to add some additional chores to your list.

Feel free to use the ideas in this list to fill out the blank checklist with the chores that make the most sense for your garden.

Create Your Own Garden Journal and Planner

I like creating garden journal pages and planner worksheets to help guide my own gardening adventures. It helps me remember what chores to complete, track harvests, plan my spring seed starting, and do other necessary garden chores. Check out my Free Spring Garden Chores Checklist, Fall Garden Chores Checklist, and other garden journal pages. (Check back often for new freebies or sign up for my newsletter to get a notice when I have new freebies available!

I hope these sheets are helpful… feel free to leave a comment or suggestion!

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You can also read more about this digital gardening resource in my post How to Make Natural Gardening Supplies.

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