10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Own Chicken Treats

Who knew those little fluff balls could cost an arm and a leg to feed when they grew up?! With so many new chicken keepers bringing home their first flock there are bound to be questions about how to save money by raising some feed and treats in your own backyard. That’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart because I want my fresh homegrown eggs to be healthy AND affordable. So let’s take a look at some easy ways to grow your own chicken treats!

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Chickens will find their own treats if they can free range in your yard!
Free ranging chickens will rustle up their own grub! Just make sure they are safe from predators.

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Own Chicken Treats

  1. Grow a Garden for Your Chickens
  2. Grow Chicken Fodder for Your Flock
  3. Go Foraging for Chicken Feed
  4. Keep an Organic Lawn for Free-Ranging Chickens
  5. Make Homemade Probiotics for Your Flock
  6. Grow Fruits and Nuts in Your Backyard
  7. Forage for Wild Apples
  8. Raise Fish with an Aquaponics System
  9. Grow Your Own Mealworms
  10. Raise Soldier Flies
Homegrown fodder makes a great chicken treat!
Homegrown chicken fodder makes a great treat in the winter or when your hens can’t free range!

Why Grow Treats and Feed for Your Flock?

Raising our own food increases our self-reliance, saves money, and gives us control over our food sources. The same goes for our chickens. By raising some of their feed and treats we reduce waste, increase their nutrient intake, and save some cash in the process. What’s not to love about that?!

You’ll also be happy to hear that all of these easy tips may be used with other poultry, such as ducks, geese, and turkeys… they all love these goodies!

In addition to these ideas, try feeding kitchen scraps to your flock. Overgrown cucumbers and zucchinis are also favorite treats for my chickens. Let me know in the comments what treats your chickens enjoy!

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