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The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book is a No-Nonsense Guide

Chelsea Wells-Barrett wrote The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book (#ad) to compile all of the basic information needed to help you get started raising crops and small livestock. I was excited to read this guide and find that the author (and blogger at Grow Where You Sow) did a great job of covering everything in a clear, concise, and no-nonsense way!

This eBook delivers all of the necessary information for beginners who wish to raise a garden, chickens, ducks, and rabbits. There is also a chapter on predators and what signs to watch for if they become a problem on your homestead.

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Small Livestock and Predator Basics

Most homesteaders begin with small livestock such as chickens, ducks, and rabbits. Having just the facts you need put together in an easy to read format helps you determine if these animals will work well with your lifestyle.

In Chapter 1, Chelsea discusses the supplies and equipment you will need to raise chickens from hatching to adult. The proper temperature for the brooder, proper feed, and care of chicks is important for anyone wishing to raise this poultry for eggs or meat.

Raising ducks is a fun project and Chapter 2 describes all of the basics you’ll need to raise a healthy flock. You’ll find additional links for further reading throughout this eBook, including a helpful link to providing niacin for ducklings. Important considerations such as providing enough space, making clean-up easier, and care of ducks are all covered.

If you are interested in raising rabbits for meat or fiber you’ll find the information you need for adding them to your homestead in Chapter 3. Breeding, caring for a doe and her kits, and providing the proper feed and housing are discussed to help you raise rabbits successfully.

Protecting your livestock from predators is a necessary step to take on most homesteads. Chelsea discusses how to identify the predator by the method of attack. She also offers practical advice for preventing predators from harming your animals in Chapter 4.

Gardening and Composting Basics

Beginning a garden is one of the first projects many new homesteaders tackle and Chapter 5 shares all of the basic information for getting started. Read up on soil tests, crop rotation, interplanting, and a variety of different garden methods. You’ll find information to help troubleshoot common diseases and pests. An entire section is dedicated to the basics for composting, including what to compost and different types of compost piles.

Helpful Resources

In the resources section at the end of this book, Chelsea shares links to helpful articles and websites that provide details, should you need them. She also lists a great selection of books that new homesteaders (and old homesteaders!) will find useful.

There are links to free printable documents, such as record keeping logs and breeding logs for livestock. In addition, you’ll find all of the sources for her book linked in this section so you can read the originals.

Easy to Read & Helpful eBook!

Throughout The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book, Chelsea shares everything you need to know to get started on your own small homestead. You’ll find plenty of step-by-step instructions for raising animals and vegetables. This eBook includes things to consider before you start, the basics you’ll need, troubleshooting tips, and common pests, diseases, and parasites to watch for.

If you are starting a homestead or dreaming of beginning one, The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book has the information necessary to determine if if these projects are right for you. You’ll find the basics you’ll need to start and care for chickens, ducks, and rabbits, prevent predators and begin a bountiful garden.

I found The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book (#ad) to be a great resource for any homesteader or for someone who is contemplating this pursuit. Before you dive headfirst into keeping small livestock or starting a garden check out this helpful eBook!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book to read and review. The opinions stated here are my own honest-to-goodness impression of the product. I also receive a commission if you purchase a copy through my affiliate link.

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