Countdown to Christmas!

Countdown to Chistmas with this printable Advent Calendar from Comfort Spring Station!
Check out this printable Advent Calendar & Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent by my blogging friend Carol from Comfort Spring Station!

Countdown to Christmas Day!

Our family celebrates Christmas in a very simple way. So our preparations are pretty minimal compared to many families. However, I do need to get some things done over the next couple of weeks to get ready for Christmas! Keep reading for my Countdown to Christmas Day!

Here are a few of the items on my Countdown to Christmas list!

December 9th – 15th

  • Bring home Christmas tree & decorate
  • Put lights around the front door
  • Bake Christmas cookies for my jury duty friends 🙂
  • Donate blood to help the Red Cross prepare for increased need over holidays
  • Mail Christmas cards!

December 16th – 22nd

  • Bake Chocolate Babka for friends who celebrate Hanukkah
  • Clean house!
  • Finish shopping for gifts
  • Wrap presents
  • Keep our cat out of the Christmas tree…it’s a full-time job! 🙂

December 23rd – Christmas Day!

  • Farm Fresh Tuesdays will take a Christmas Break! See you on December 30th 🙂
  • Purchase spiral cut ham, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner
  • Deliver gifts and food to local mission and pantry
  • Prepare for Christmas dinner and guests!

What are your plans for the weeks leading up to Christmas?

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