It Feels Like Fall!

It feels like fall!

It’s Beginning to Feel Like Fall!

This week we’re really starting to get some cool weather in my neck of the woods! It feels great to work outside now and I have a lot of fall clean-up to do. Now if it would just stop raining cats and dogs here, that would be great. The garden is in a low spot on our property so the soil stays pretty damp there and I’ll need to give it some time to dry out before I can get in and really get it ready for winter.

Is it starting to feel like fall in your area?

Other Farm Fresh News…

Congratulations to Andrea from Idaho for winning our Sweet Maple Giveaway! Here’s what Andrea said about winning her prize…

“I was so surprised to have won your giveaway, I have never won one before 🙂  I am so impressed with the maple syrup and mostly the book.  Michelle has written a down to earth, practical, and experienced book that should grace the shelf of anyone seeking their own self-sufficiency, Thanks so much for this opportunity. “

Congratulations to Laurie from Ridge Haven Homestead for winning the PDF copy of Sweet Maple by Michelle Visser!

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Autumn Apple Cake by Delightful Repast

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