Thrifty Finds!

My ‘new’ Farm Girls t-shirt…lol! This was my favorite find this week. πŸ™‚

My Thrifty Finds…

I’ve been shopping at thrift stores and garage sales for ages. Maybe some of you enjoy looking for great deals at thrift stores too. There are many reasons you might decide to choose second-hand items over brand new. For me, frugal living is how I grew up and has allowed us to live well on a budget.

A cute sleep shirt with little butterflies. Very comfy for hot weather. Love it!

In addition, I don’t want to support ‘fast fashion’ or mindless consumerism. Sustainability just makes sense to me and buying second-hand helps reduce waste and saves money…win-win!

This pretty shirt is in brand new condition! And it’s super cute. πŸ™‚

I subscribe to the ‘use it up, make do, or do without’ school of thought, but this summer many of my clothes really needed to get downgraded to scrap/rag status…sorry old clothes! So what’s a thrifty lady gonna do? Go second-hand shopping!

And besides, I feel like my local Salvation Army is a treasure hunt just waiting for me!

What homesteading gal can resist a fun chicken shirt? This one is kind of long and I’m wearing it as a sleep shirt or a t-shirt…dual purpose!

To be honest, I had 3 or 4 more items that I wanted to buy but put them back on the rack. One was just a tad bit tight around my shoulders, another was a color that doesn’t look great on me, and one just seemed a bit frivolous. I really could use some shorts, skirts, and jeans, but my time was limited. Hopefully, I can find a few more items to fill in my rather sparse wardrobe. I am happy to say that I spent about $4 each for each new top…less than one new top at the department store. Sometimes I save even more!

Before you wear your thrift store finds, I recommend washing them thoroughly.

Do you like shopping at thrift stores? Would you wear second-hand clothes?

Okay…back to the blog hop!

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