Using Our Farm Fresh Eggs

Using Our Farm Fresh Eggs!

Farm Fresh Eggs from Our Hens

Using our farm fresh eggs for breakfast and baking is such a treat! I went for several months without any home-raised before I had hip replacement surgery. That experience really made me appreciate our new hens and all the fresh eggs they give us. 🙂

Keeping laying hens for fresh eggs is one of the first projects many homesteaders try out and for good reason. Pasture-raised eggs are more nutritious for us, according to researchers. The yolks are a deep shade of gold and they taste so much better than store bought!

Some folks choose to let their hens take the winter off from laying, while others keep their flock in production. I choose to keep the eggs coming through the winter, although this is a personal choice.

laying hens and farm fresh eggs are a part of my homestead

Farm Fresh Eggs is One of My Favorite Topics

Laying Hens and farm-fresh eggs are two of my favorite topics to write about! Over the years I’ve shared a lot of information about the subject of keeping hens for your own fresh eggs. Here are some of my favorite posts about keeping laying hens and using their eggs!

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So I’ve been researching the best breeds to keep in my cold climate. Right now I have all White Leghorns and these hens are egg laying machines. I love that! But the extreme cold weather this winter has me thinking about chicken breeds that are more adapted to my climate.

Do you have laying hens? What is your favorite breed?

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Using Our Farm Fresh Eggs!

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