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frost on fence

Spring is coming soon, but it can’t get here soon enough for me. I am just about done with the ice and snow. (It’s not done with me…another storm predicted for this weekend, sigh.) While I wait for nice weather, I do have plenty of things going on around the homestead!

baby collards
Collard seedlings from my garden last year.

Getting Ready for Spring – Gardening & Chicks!

There are plenty of homesteading chores and plans to keep me busy while I wait for spring weather, gardening, and the return of robins. A new seed starting set up must be arranged before I can get my baby plants going. I’ll need a new shelving unit to do this…one that is wider than anything I have on hand. So there’s a trip to the hardware store in my near future…yippee! (Side note: I enjoy shopping at the hardware store, feed store, and garden center. I HATE going to clothing stores!)

eco friendly seed starting
Reusing plastic salad containers to start seeds.

Gearing Up For Spring Gardening!

If you are starting seeds for your garden this year, I wrote a very detailed post about How To Start Seeds Indoors that you may find helpful. Honestly, it’s pretty much the ultimate guide to starting seeds indoors. I also shared some info in another post for those of you trying to reduce your environmental impact… Eco-friendly Seed Starting. And finally, if you are wondering when to start all of your seeds, I have a post for that too! Check out Set Up A Seed Starting Calendar for the details. 🙂

chick drinking

Here Chick Chick…What Says ‘Spring’ Better Than Chicks?!

This is a quandary for me this year. I want more chicks! But now that my husband has retired, we have a bunch of trips we want to take. It’s exciting to plan our travels, but I’m beginning to think that more chicks aren’t going to work out this spring. I’ve had so many breeds of poultry over the years, and I enjoy them so much. But maybe the 5 chickens I currently have are enough for this year. We’ll see. I haven’t given up entirely! For now I’m living vicariously through youtube videos of chicks hatching. 🙂

Gearing up for spring and chicks
Chicks I hatched a few years ago.

Are you planning to order chicks or incubate some eggs this spring? 

I have a bunch of articles I’ve shared about hatching eggs and caring for you little fluffballs. Here is the full list of helpful guides to getting started with chicks:

I hope some of these posts are helpful for you this spring!

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